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Sep. 8th, 2014

Crowdfunding butterfly ship


September Crowdfunding Projects

What are your planned crowdfunding projects for September? What did you accomplish during August?

The September Creative Jam will be Saturday 20-Sunday 21 with a theme of "New Ideas in Old Problems." Please check in then to leave or claim prompts!


Kickstarting some Coloring Books!

I have just launched a Kickstarter campaign to get up to seven new titles of coloring books for grown-ups into print.

The initial goal is for Fishpond Fantasies, a follow-up to the very popular Fishbowl Fantasies, and all about mermaids.

The first stretch goal is for Apples and Roses, a coloring book of fairy tales and fables.

After that, we've got a zombie coloring book, Arabian nights and bellydance beauties, dark fantasy, and two solo titles by Mitzi Sato-Wiuff. (Not necessarily in that order!)

Further stretch goals are for full-color covers!

We're 50% of the way to funded for Fishpond Fantasies, but I really don't want to stop there. Please help get the word out about this project... and keep coloring books in mind for awesome holiday gifts this year!

Sep. 6th, 2014

glasses, curious, siamese, cap


Movie Crowdfunding

Thanks to a FB friend I just discovered this indy movie project

Neither Wolf Nor Dog

It's an adaptation of the novel of the same name, the crowdfunding has 35 hours to go and they are about 2000 dollars below their goal, but will lose everything if they don't reach it.

Please, if you are interested in Native issues and representation donate or signal boost if you can

Aug. 31st, 2014

callisto as the fool -- from lidi


One Card Draw

I am holding my monthly one card draw to celebrate the August new moon and Labor Day in the US from 1200-2000 Pacific Daylight Time [PDT] on 31 August 2014 ONLY [countdown].

Come on over and request a card.

There are new crowdfunding perks listed for both donators and advertisers.

Tips are not required, but definitely appreciated. And feel free to pimp this far and wide...
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Aug. 27th, 2014

FMA Ed Coat


Anime Charm Jewelry


I'm Jordanna, and I create charm jewelry featuring anime characters. (Along with a few game and cartoon fandoms as well.) I've been meaning to post to this community for a while, and since I just re-photographed my inventory after a convention this past weekend, I figured now would be a good time. :)

My main item is bracelets, but I also make decorative beaded fobs that can be clipped onto pretty much anything: keychains, backpacks/purses, cellphones, flash drives, etc. (In fact, I started out by making fobs for my mother's quilting group to attach to scissors. From there it was only logical to apply my talents to what I loved, and start making anime jewelry.)

If you're a fan, or perhaps getting an early start on Christmas stocking stuffers, by all means have a look!

Bracelets ($10):
Adventure Time | Attack on Titan | Avengers | Black Butler | Bleach | Blue Exorcist | Dangan Ronpa | Death Note | Fairy Tail | Free! (series) | Fullmetal Alchemist | Hatsune Miku | Kill La Kill | Kuroko's Basketball | Madoka Magica | My Neighbor Totoro | Sailor Moon | Sonic the Hedgehog | Sword Art Online | Vampire Knight

Chain Bracelets ($15):
Card Captors | Death Note | Fullmetal Alchemist | Hatsune Miku | My Neighbor Totoro

Fobs ($10)
Attack on Titan | Avengers | Dangan Ronpa | Death Note | Fairy Tail | Free! (series) | Fullmetal Alchemist | Hatsune Miku | Inuyasha | Naruto | Sailor Moon | Sword Art Online | Vampire Knight

Bracelets are roughly 7-7½ inches long, with a one-inch extender chain. Fobs are in the range of 5-6 inches.

If you'd like to buy something pictured above, send me a PM for details. (Please refer to the item you want by fandom and number, since I haven't been able to see all of those anime, and don't always know character names.) Paypal is my preferred payment method; Dreamwidth points are an alternative option. Or, if anyone here is an artist who would care to draw "Fullmetal Alchemist", I would also be interested in trading my work for fanart commissions.

I'm more than happy to create custom orders, as well. If you're interested in a fandom or character (or even a non-fannish subject) that you don't see here, just drop me a note. If I can obtain charms of the subject, I can make it!

For the record, I'm still very much developing my business. This past weekend was only my second convention (and not a great one; walking in to learn the artist alley had been lumped into the video-game room was not cool). I'm not really able to travel beyond my city for cons, and at this stage, I can only afford the table fees at small ones. Being an extremely shy and introverted person also makes it difficult for me to market my products. :Þ I enjoy creating jewelry, though, and I'm hopeful for future opportunities. Needless to say, if anyone here likes my work and gives it some support, it will help me keep working at moving up to bigger and better things.


Pretty in Scarlet: the first album from Murder Ballads

After decades of playing solo and a few years as a duo, cluegirl and I, a.k.a. Murder Ballads, are on the verge of releasing our first CD, entitled Pretty in Scarlet. It's a good representation of what we do on stage: a mix of folk originals, bluesy reworkings of English traditional songs, a dash of humor, and covers that run the gamut from filk to '80 proto-Goth. Along the way we've been joined in the studio (ours and theirs) by such ridiculously talented friends as Pegasus Award winning singer-songwriters SJ Tucker and Heather Dale, guitarist Ben Deschamps, violinist Marnen Laibow-Koser of Blackmore's Night, and Matt Young of Traveller Song on bodhran, with producer/Controller of Chaos Joel Lord keeping it all together. "Fall-down giddy" doesn't even begin to describe our feelings on this project.

Primary recording at this point is done, but we still need to complete mixing and mastering and get physical CDs pressed, plus pick up some starter tour gear and merch so we can stop with the one-weekend-every-three-months bit and become an actual honest-to-gods Band. Sadly, the circles on the Venn diagram labeled "struggling folk musicians" and "people with money to burn" don't have a whole lot of overlap, so we've started a campaign on Indiegogo to help Pretty in Scarlet see the light of day. As of this writing we're at 15% of our goal, an amazing start but still leaving a ways to go. Give us a look and a listen, and if you're able to throw a few coins in the hopper you can get in on our bald-faced bribes incentives, including advance downloads of the final product, artwork, stickers, T-shirts, and (on the high end) the ability to force us to cover the song of your choice. (Yes, even that one, and don't pretend you weren't thinking it). Thanks for your time!

Aug. 21st, 2014

Sokka looking proud


Pay-If-You-Like Story Available

So: I recently finished Whose Love Follows Still, a somewhere-in-the-neighborhood-of-15k-words-long story based on Norse mythology. My current audience is too small for ransom-model funding to be fair to early sponsors. For that and a few other reasons, this story is free if you want, pay if you like. Did you want genderless shapeshifters and their social mores? Or sappy mother-child relationships? Or slightly twisted humor? Or Thor and Loki? Or adventures in Hawaii-at-Iceland's-latitude (i.e., lazily-worldbuilt Jotunheim)? Because all of those are in this story, all of which is available right now, for free unless you choose otherwise.

Aug. 18th, 2014



Giraffe Call (Prompt Call) open for one week. Theme: Animalia

I have a prompt call open here.

Leave a prompt, get a fic. Prompting is free, but donations will get you more words, and there are donation levels to get everyone more words.

The theme is Animalia: centaurs, fawns, talking animals, people turning into animals or into furries, anthopomophic beings... anything animal/person is fair game.

The call is open for one week.

All proceeds over the $25 take-out level go to
* art from other crowdfunded artists
* Renovations on our 1879 farmhouse

Aug. 16th, 2014

Crowdfunding butterfly ship


Crowdfunding Creative Jam

Welcome to the thirty-second Crowdfunding Creative Jam! This session will run Saturday, August 16-Sunday, August 17. The theme is "Community & Communication." (Visit the Creative Jam over on Dreamwidth.)

Crowdfunding Creative Jam

Everyone is eligible to post prompts, which may be words or phrases, titles, images, etc. Prompters may request a specific creator, but everyone else may still use that prompt if they wish. Prompts may specify a particular character/world/etc. but creators may use the prompt for something else anyway and post the results. Prompters are still encouraged to post mostly prompts that anyone could use anywhere, as this maximizes the chance of having creators make something based on your prompt. Please title your comment "Prompt" or "Prompts" when providing inspiration so these are easy to find.

Prompt responses may also be treated as prompts and used for further inspiration. For example, a prompt may lead to a sketch which leads to a story, and so on. This kind of cascading inspiration is one of the most fun things about a collective jam session.

Everyone is eligible to use prompts, and everyone who wants to use a given prompt may do so, for maximum flexibility of creator choice in inspiration. You do not have to post a "Claim" reply when you decide to use a prompt, but this does help indicate what is going on so that other prompters can spread out their choice of prompts if they wish.

Creators are encouraged, but not required, to post at least one item free. Likewise, sharing a private copy of material with the prompter is encouraged but not required. Creative material resulting from prompts should be indicated in a reply to the prompt, with a link to the full content elsewhere on the creator's site (if desired); a brief excerpt and/or description of the material may be included in the reply (if desired). It helps to title your comment "Prompt Filled" or something like that so these are easy to identify. There is no time limit on responding to prompts. However, creators are encouraged to post replies sooner rather than later, as the attention of prompters will be highest during and shortly after the session.

Some items created from prompts may become available for sponsorship. Some creators may offer perks for donations, linkbacks, or other activity relating to this project. Check creator comments and links for their respective offerings.

Prompters, creators, and bystanders are expected to behave in a responsible and civil manner. If the moderators have to drag someone out of the sandbox for improper behavior, we will not be amused. Please respect other people's territory and intellectual property rights, and only play with someone else's characters/setting/etc. if you have permission. (Fanfic/fanart freebies are okay.) If you want to invite folks to play with something of yours, title the comment something like "Open Playground" so it's easy to spot. This can be a good way to attract new people to a shared world or open-source project, or just have some good non-canon fun.

Boost the signal! The more people who participate, the more fun this will be. Hopefully we'll see activity from a lot of folks who regularly mention their projects in this community, but new people are always welcome. You can link to this session post or to individual items created from prompts, whatever you think is awesome enough to recommend to your friends.

Aug. 12th, 2014

Crowdfunding butterfly ship


August Crowdfunding Projects

What are your crowdfunding projects for August?

The August Creative Jam will be Saturday 16-Sunday 17 with a theme of "Community and Communication." Please check in then to leave or claim prompts!

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