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Fairyfan_tasylov_er wrote
on January 25th, 2012 at 05:44 am


Creator Name: Karen Wehrstein
Link: http://www.chevenga.com/node/7
Category: Fiction
Summary: Chevenga is heir to the semanakraseye the head of state; the position of power that has no power in Yeola-e. After witnessing his fathers limp, lifeless body at age seven Chevenga has a vision. This vision is of his own death before the age of thirty. Instead of panicking this brave child becomes determined to work, love and be twice as hard to make up for the lack of lifespan.

Follow him from age 7 as he learns of life, suffers the greatest heart break possible then go on to conquer not only his enemies but his own fear and trauma. Love, miracles and tenderness blossom in the harshest of places leading him to lead the greatest nation in the Fifth Millennium.

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