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woodsdeepthe_failed_poet wrote
on January 29th, 2012 at 02:14 am

Project Title: Wonder City Stories
Creator Name: Jude McLaughlin (aka Dreamwidth user wonder_city)
Link: http://wonder-city.dreamwidth.org/
Category: Fiction.
Summary: Wonder City Stories is a superhero soap opera serial. It involves dozens of characters and plotlines, including save-the-world adventures and romantic entanglements and so much more. This project is notable for its terrific diversity (strong women, people of color, queers, handicapped characters, etc.) and for its unflinching treatment of social issues (racism, sexism, domestic tension, politics, etc.).

The project is supported by donations. Perk thresholds are sometimes money, sometimes comments or other participation. There have been polls asking what readers would like to see more of. Sometimes if you donate or boost signal you can ask for a reappearance of a favorite minor character. This project is also unusual in that the author occasionally responds to real-world news by writing a special episode dealing with the same social issue in the story's setting. It usually updates weekly, but the author has done a few months twice-weekly in exchange for comments.

Note: I stole most of the text of this nomination from ysabetwordsmith's nomination of this work last year. Because I am not eloquent enough myself!

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