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Rose and Bay Awards update: art and promotion

We are making excellent progress with the Rose and Bay Awards as a concept.  Plenty of people are getting excited about the idea of an award that honors excellence in crowdfunded creativity. 

Activity Report
All five categories now have their nomination posts active. If you have not yet made nominations, please do so. If you have, encourages your friends and fans to drop by and participate.

Art -- 2 projects nominated.  Please help spread the word so we can get more nominations here!
Fiction -- 20 projects nominated.  The leader by a mile!
Poetry -- 2 projects nominated.  Please help spread the word so we can get more nominations here!
Other Project -- 10 projects nominated.  Good progress, more is welcome.
Patron -- 8 people nominated.  Come on, folks, everybody running a crowdfunded project should be throwing a name or three into this hat.

Promotional Materials and Art
We are continuing to create materials to support the award. Here are some things you may find helpful for promotion.

Use the landing page as a focal point when you are telling people about the Rose and Bay Awards.  This page describes the award and its rules, gives links to the individual nomination pages, lists our volunteers, notes features in progress, and explains how people can help.  Most links about the award should point here, unless you are talking about a specific nomination page.

We now have art for you to use in promoting the Rose and Bay Awards!  haikujaguar has created a logo, with which karen_wehrstein has created a batch of LJ icons, blog badges, buttons, and banners.  We also plan to offer a set of badges for the category winners later.

LJ icons 
A set of 100x100 graphics in different color patterns to show up well against various backgrounds, these may be used as LJ icons or as small blog/website badges to promote the Rose and Bay Awards.  We plan to use the first one as the "official" LJ icon for the Rose & Bay Awards, to make it easier to identify posts on this topic.  Anyone may use these to raise awareness of the award.

Nominee Badges
These are medium-size badges for identifying projects and people nominated for the various categories of the Rose and Bay Awards.  You may use a badge in this set ONLY if your project or yourself has been nominated for one (or more).  Nominee badges for Art, Fiction, Poetry, or Other Project should go on the project's site, or your personal site if you don't have a separate site for the project.  Nominee badges for Patron should go on your personal site.

These are tiny graphics that you can use as buttons in posts, sidebars, or other places where there isn't room for a bigger graphic or you don't think it would look good.  They promote the Rose and Bay Awards in general.  Anyone may use these.

Medium Badges
These are medium-sized badges that promote the Rose and Bay Awards in general. They are available for anyone to use, and they come in different color combinations to match different themes.

These are BIG graphics for people to use in promoting the Rose and Bay Awards generally.  They can be placed as stationary graphics or used in "rotating banner" applications that will show images from a specific set.  Anyone may use these.

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