January 7th, 2011


Come get your sketch on!

Sketch Fest is underway!

For 24 hours, artists around the globe get together virtually for a creative jam. Our audience leaves prompts, which any artist can work on - but not for more than one hour! Sketches are uploaded to the site, where they are linked to the prompts that inspired them, and comments can be made. There's even a gallery to upload pieces that are completed from the sketches later. The project is crowd-funded - artists and appreciators can donate directly to get more cool features added to the site, or donate the sketches they create for purchase!

It is a very fun time - the prompts and what they inspire are always creative and fascinating, and it's incredible to see what can be created in just an hour. If you're an artist who wants to jumpstart their muse, or anyone who wants to see an interpretation of a prompt, stop by and join the fun!