January 10th, 2011


Update: 2011 Rose & Bay Awards

These are our handlers and categories.  Nominations are currently open.

Art: [info]itew Nominate art!
Fiction: [info]eseme Nominate fiction!
Poetry: [info]xjenavivex Nominate poetry!
Webcomic: [info]ysabetwordsmith Nominate webcomics!
Other Project: [info]xjenavivex Nominate others!
Patron: [info]xjenavivex Nominate patrons!
So far we have this many nominations:
Art -- 5
Fiction -- 9
Poetry -- 2
Webcomics -- 7
Other Project -- 3
Patron -- 5

We still need nominations for all categories.  Poetry and Other Project being the lowest, they need activity the most.  Creators, make sure your audience members know about your eligibility.  You should also be nominating your patrons in the Patron category.  If you have not yet posted about the Rose and Bay Awards, please help us boost the signal.   

The 2011 landing page is also available.