February 19th, 2011


The Klein Bottle...

One of the core parts of The Written Wyrd as to provide support to self- and small press published authors.  Having giving the matter much thought, I have posted materials to the web site concerning the Klein Bottle award.  This is a key part of this whole project, intended to provide feedback, recognition, distribution, and technical support to new authors and cover artists.  The whole things is still in the formative stages, but the time has come to start hammering it together, so I hope all of you who are concerned with developing new writing talent (whether you are an author or not) will check out the web site.  Please don't sluff this off as something for others to deal with.  Your ideas, suggestions, and active support are the key to this, and without you, it won't happen.  


Thank you!


New Crowdfunded Project: Black Blossom

Flower Face

As my most recent crowdfunded serial, Spots the Space Marine, is reaching its conclusion, I've started on the next: the novel inspired by The Aphorisms of Kherishdar and that inspired The Admonishments of Kherishdar. The Calligrapher of the Aphorisms takes up his pen again to tell the story of how he met the priest who serves Shame:

               Let me first put your hearts at ease by saying that I do not blame you for the unfortunate events that saw the House of Flowers remade. Many of you look upon our caste system and believe us incapable of understanding that all species are made up of individuals... but we do, and so I know that the acts of some aunera—aliens such as you—do not reflect upon you all.
               Nor do I think the situation with House Qenain was without its compensations... for it is because of the problems afflicting Qenain that I came to meet Shame.

Until I conclude Spots, I will be posting Black Blossom every two weeks and won't put together a website for it. But it's a good time to get in on the project, since I will be experimenting with allowing readers to help shape the story: discussions and questions in the comments may be addressed in the narrative, and there's even a chance the Calligrapher will mention people specifically.

You can read what's posted thus far at the Black Blossom tag on my livejournal. Once I move to full-time status on that story, I'll be back with a report on how the new model is working out.