February 24th, 2011

New member post: novelist and children's book author

Greetings, everyone at crowdfunding!  (^__^)  (Wow, it feels so weird to be introducing myself without excessive gesturing... which is my modus operandi here in Japan, where I'm an ESL instructor.)

My name is Keru.  I have a great love for sarcasm and the word "Yo!"  I'm a writer and I write under the name "K. Writerly."

My main works are historical fiction (14th century Ireland), and supernatural suspense (modern day), and I'm working with a pair of spectacular illustrators on some children's books.  More information about all of this is on my LiveJournal profile here: k-writerly.livejournal.com/profile

I'm just beginning to look at how to self-publish my works (so, yes, I am currently unpublished although I have Plans... Plans, I tell you!  PLANS!  Bwhahaha!!!  *ahem*  Sorry...)  At the moment, my goal is to self-publish at least three novels (one is done and awaiting the final edit in the publishing template and another is about 75% complete and the third is all outlined... it just has to be written, proofread, edited, etc. - Hah... I make that sound as if it's easy!) this year via blurb.com and (possibly) www.createspace.com.

I'm very new to the concept of Crowdfunding, but I hope to learn more as I watch this community!  (^__^)/