March 15th, 2011

Archives 2

New Crowdfunding Project to start in April: Fiction!

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Sixty-Four Squared is an ongoing series, which follows 7 men and women, and their various contacts, associates, and enemies, who work in the less traditional areas of mystery, law, and enforcement. Using the accounting firm as a front, the group searches out the shadows, and often executes their own form of justice. All while sorting their own secrets. Secrets, which are about to come out, and become infinitely tangled with the crimes, secrets they have and will again, kill for.

First part of the series is entitled The Scholar's Mate - A mysterious lightening storm. An old ghost story come to life. But when the Archives is threatened, historian, archivist, and freelance lecturer Hunter Green is called in to investigate. Forging an uneasy alliance with Declan, Anya, and their team, he is the one who knows the Archives best. But there are others who wish to get their first, and still others who want him dead for what he knows.

I will be posting the first chapter free-of-charge. After that, each chapter will have a donate button at the end, in hopes, that as you are able, you'll be able to throw a few dollars in. I'm hoping to post once a week.

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Thank you, and see you in the "Archives"!

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