March 19th, 2011


Why do you donate?

As I was IM'ing eseme "Stop me before I tip again" last night, I was laughing at myself for my nickle-and-dime donations lately.

But I write a webserial, and I know that nickles and dimes pay the bills. And why people tip is useful information.

We discussed this a bit in this post by stryck on tip incentives, but perhaps we can discuss, specifically, what top reasons motivate you to tip?

Mine are:
* I get something, or something more, directly for donating (djinni's icons)
* I can give something to a friend who's short on cash that week
* Sick kitty/kid/about to be evicted sort of call
* A really classy call for money (haikujaguar's Black Blossom)
* More of a product I've seen some of

I almost never throw more than $5 at something in this way, although for direct commissions I'll pay more.

What about you?