May 30th, 2011

Thoughts on a Crowdfunding Plan?

Hello, all!

I've been doing a lot of calculations and thinking and planning these last few days, and I'm suffering from brain-drain from it, so I'd like to detail a potential crowdfunding plan of action for artwork/digital painting, and see if anyone has any suggestions/comments/thoughts. I'm trying to decide if this is a viable and ethical plan or not.

The model would be as follows:

1) I make a number of sketches and post them, offering a vote as to which project I'll pursue.

2) Whichever project is voted through, I would then offer up as a crowd-funded digital painting project. I would post watermarked updates on the project itself until it is complete. If the goal isn't reached, it would be offered for sale on Zazzle, and any contributors would be given a link for a full-sized download, as well as contributor perks (detailed below). If the goal is reached, a full-sized download link would also be made available to the public.

3) Project sponsors would also receive perks or gifts featuring the image created for their contributions, based on the amount they've donated, as follows:

* Less than $6: Button
* $6.00-15.99: 8x10 Photo Print
* $16.00-20.99: 10x13 Photo Print
* $21.00-30.99: Choice of Mug or 16x20 Photo Print
* $40.00-99.99: Choice of Women's, Men's, or Kid's shirt or 20x24 Photo Print
* $100+: 15x15 Unframed Canvas Print

Any thoughts/comments/concerns?