June 14th, 2011

wonder city

Wonder City Stories update

Just in case you're not caught up on Wonder City Stories, I thought I'd post an update, as things are happening at WCS!

Episode #45 of volume 2 posted last Friday. We are starting the rollercoaster of doooooooooooom, as the Faerie quest, the ghost story, the reality show, and the serial killer mystery all start galloping to a conclusion!

I've also posted two Interludes (one-shot short stories), one this week, one a couple weeks ago:
- What I Did On My Summer Vacation: Simon's sister Ivy tells their brother Malik about her hot summer romance and its unconventional outcome.
- Woman Born Digital: our old friend Hel, the artificial intelligence in a steampunk airship, tries something new.

In addition! There is a new t-shirt in the (so far) tiny Wonder City Stories Zazzle store: Robot Fag Hag (be a robot fag hag, just like Nereid!)

ETA: Zazzle has just notified me that, apparently, the phrase "Robot Fag Hag" violates their content code by being potentially discriminatory and they have taken it down. I asked them what they intended to do about the 3+ pages of search results from searching "fag hag" on their site, and provided context for the phrase. We'll see what they say. Meanwhile, anyone have suggestions for other t-shirt makers?

It's never too late to start Wonder City Stories! Come on and give us a try!