July 1st, 2011


Newest Crowdfunding Experiment

My old serial, Spots the Space Marine, has concluded posting and is now marinating in preparation for a print edition. The crowdfunding for that serial was successful: I made about equivalent to an advance a publisher would have given me as a new author a few years back, without it being an actual advance (money borrowed against my future royalties, that I would have owed had I not earned it back). For those who aren't familiar with the serial, I was using a "pay-to-post" model, where enough donations would trigger another episode of the story; in this case, each episode was $10, with two episodes possible a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I'm pretty satisfied with that earning rate for a single serial. I wanted to solve a different problem with the launch of my new serial, Black Blossom, which was the periodicity of donations. With Spots it was common for me to have someone dump 3-5 episodes' worth of money on me at once, and then to have a dry spell for several weeks. I'd much prefer to see money dripping in every week. But I don't want to discourage the big-chunk donors either.

I'm going to try two solutions to this problem. First, I'm offering an incentive post on weeks where I'm paid. (You can see me talking about this idea in this post, and then a sample of the incentive posts here). I'm still working out this idea, but the basic plan is someone dumps three weeks' worth of money on me at once, the week they do so there will be a bonus incentive post in addition to the story post. But the next two weeks will only have story posts unless someone drops a donation in the bucket on those weeks.

Second, Paypal allows you to set up subscriptions, where people to sign up and get billed a certain amount on a regular basis. Several people have mentioned an interest in that, so I'm going to give that a go too.

Hopefully between these two things, I'll have a steady trickle of income without discouraging people who just want to drop big packets on me at once. I'll see how it goes! And you are of course welcome to hop on board! You can read the posts and join the discussion on Livejournal directly using the "black blossom" tag or you can just stop by the website every week to read the story without distraction.