July 10th, 2011


Update from Meeksp

meeksp (who is meeks on Dreamwidth) has updated her status.  She is back from hiatus and accepting sketch prompts again.  Creative folks and readers are encouraged to offer prompts.  Donors, there's a tip button on each sketch post so you can throw something in the artist's hat (which I note now shows that cute little white-eared hat from her icon).

She is presently at work on "Dragons Next Door" which relates to the writing of [Unknown LJ tag].

Currently tied for most linkbacks are the previous sketches "Rin" (also by [Unknown LJ tag]) and "Without Fail" (a Torn World story that I wrote).  The picture that gets the most linkbacks will get more work done on it; this is a monthly contest to reward people for activity.

Next project will be a new sketch inspired by my poem "Shine On."  Woohoo!  Please watch for that one to pop up so you can comment on it.  Enough comments on a sketch will also get it refined in more detail.