July 14th, 2011


Give That Man A Cee-gar!...

Well, I did it.   After much fussing and fiddling, the on line book store is on line!   

The transactions are handled through Google Payments, which actually is easier to use than PayPal, and the books are delivered in ZIP form as a download.   

I presently have the first four novels up in PDF form, and hope to have them in ePub and Kindle by the end of the month.   'Overland' will come next month once I complete the final review and processing.   All downloads are $2.99 each.

This is a milestone in a long and difficult trek, and I want to thank everyone who waited patiently for this moment.   There is a lot of work ahead, but now we are off and running.   Remember: all proceeds from sales go to support self-published and small press authorship, and public libraries.   So please drop by the web site and make a purchase today - it's good karma, and a good read as well (in my not so humble opinion).


Well, back at it.

Til next,