July 25th, 2011

For those who put the "funds" into "crowdfunding:"

Hello, everyone! I've been asked to reprise the comments I made about those who support crowdfunded projects, which I posted to my own journal last week. So here is that entry again - although edited to make it less of a rant and more fit for general consumption. :)

I've been following the crowdfunding community's turn in the LiveJournal Spotlight, since I'm a patron of several art, poetry, and fiction projects. On the first day, I noticed two posts with similar themes: "On Patronage" by the_vulture and "Let’s Discuss How Creators Can Attract Customers and Patrons" by laffingkat. While the former concentrated on the patron's perspective, in what I believe was an effort to encourage more patrons to discuss their reasons for donating, the latter encouraged both patrons and creators to share their thoughts - which many creators did, quite enthusiastically.

Comments to the "Let's Discuss" post: 40. Comments to the "On Patronage" post: 4. [Author's note: At the time of this writing, those numbers stood at 53 and 30, respectively.]

The disparity between these numbers worries me because it implies that the patrons who read those posts weren't willing to make their voices heard. But we should be hearing from them as much as we're hearing from creators, because as the title of this entry suggests, patrons put the "funds" into "crowdfunding." Without patrons to support them, most independently-produced films and albums or prompted art and fiction projects wouldn't survive past the "free trial" stage. Not only does this limit everyone's entertainment options, it also keeps outstanding creators from doing the work at which they excel because they're forced to take other jobs to feed themselves. And that leaves us to the small mercies of the Big Industries, which aren't always receptive to the wants of their customers.

Fortunately, the creators of crowdfunded projects are receptive to our wants - or they need to become so, if they intend to keep the patrons they've wowed with their talent. So speak up! Tell the creators you admire what you'd like to see from them! (Politely, of course; as they say, "You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.") Start your own discussions here at the crowdfunding community so there's more balance between the creator-driven posts and the patron-driven ones. (Bonus: this also increases communication between the two groups that should be talking to each other, anyway.)

[Author's second note: Casting your vote in this poll would also help the entire community get a better idea of just how many patrons are circulating here.]

Drive the point home: we're one half of this equation, too. Crowdfunding patrons of the world, unite!
tarot reader

Free Tarot Readings

I had hoped to host the One Card Draw all day today, but Live Journal has been hormonal and I have only just coerced it into posting my messages. So frustrating!!

Anyway, I shall open the draw now, and continue it for twenty four hours. Tomorrow is a busyish day at work, though, so it may take longer for everyone to get read. Read you will be, though, if you leave me a request on my stonetalker journal! . While I cannot stay at the computer constantly, I will keep popping back and reading, to ensure that everyone who requests a reading will get one. Start leaving your requests and I will keep the draw open until 6pm EST on Tuesday 26 July.

I'm going to use The Tarot of the Cloisters for this draw. It is the first round deck I ever obtained, and I adore working with its smooth lines and stained glass colors. The roundness of the cards means that every single card has 360' of interpretation, and I really resonate with the fluidity of that.

Feel free to pimp me out to your friends; any and all are welcome. "Tips" via PayPal are very welcome, but the readings are open to everyone and the free are offered absolutely and totally free, no strings attached. It is my way of 'paying it forward' in my Earthwalk.

If you want me to reply by private message, just mention that (but ensure you have your filter set so that I'm able so to do). You can post your results to your own journal, although I'd be grateful if you linked the posting back to me in some way.  And if you liked what was conveyed, feel free to friend me. I like to share what I do. A lot!

If you would like a more in-depth reading, I do offer several and they are summarized elsewhere on my journal.

Now for the legal stuff. While I take my work seriously (I'm an ATA member a TCBA certified professional reader, and I actually do this for a living elsewhere) I am not a substitute for medical, financial, or legal advice. What I tell you is not carved in stone; we all have free will to make our own decisions. Federal law states that I have to tell you that this is for entertainment purposes only.

All that said, let the One Card Drawing for July officially commence!
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