July 29th, 2011

Rare Bird


Now that we seem to FINALLY be out from under the DDOS attack, I'd like to announce the rescheduling of the community-only one card draw I was going to do on Thursday to NEXT Thursday, August 4th, still from 11am to 5pm Central time.
In the spirit of the community, I will be accepting tips, and the tips will be used to support a Kickstarter project! I'm going to choose a top three and then let people vote for the one the money should go to. :) (If you have a Kickstarter project currently in need of funds, do bring it to my attention!)
Crowdfunding butterfly ship

Crowdfunding in the Spotlight: Wrapup

This post was originally planned for this past Monday, but got delayed thanks to the LiveJournal outage.  I'm planning to reprise it this coming Monday to catch the high-traffic day.

The Spotlight week proved quite a success.  We posted a lot of new content about crowdfunding topics; those are all linked on "Content Posts."  Please check out the posts from later in the week if you missed those.  We picked up a lot of new members.  We learned some interesting stuff and discovered some areas that would benefit from further discussion.  We went from ...

1,148 journal entries to 1,206
55 to 56 tags
26 to 58 memories
208 to 333 members

So we gained 125 new people, more than half again as many as we started with.  That's a terrific boost.  I hope that more of you new folks will speak up here, in introductions and/or comments, whether you are patrons, creators, or just curious onlookers.

We've had a few more posts this week, although the LJ outage has interrupted a lot of the momentum we had going.  There are still some other posts planned, exploring topics of interest to varying aspects of the crowdfunding community.  And to all the folks who posted during Spotlight week, thank you very much for helping to make this event a success!

Story for Sponsorship!

I have posted a story for sponsorship here :-)

There were times when Winter thought his mother had chosen to have him first, to be there for the girls when their father was gone.

It wasn’t a possibility he ever talked about; Mom, who would know, he’d never ask. Other people would either think he was crazy for at least three facets of that thought, and the ones who wouldn’t, well, were either just as close to the situation as he was, or would have reactions to it he wouldn’t find comfortable.

"The Way Things Flow" is the first in a three-part story. Set in Stranded World, it introduces us to Winter's mind and his life. Available this week only for the discounted rate of $10USD; micro-fund in as little as $1 increments. Increments of $5USD and more will receive their own print or PDF copy of the complete story.

See my donor landing page here here or on LJ for information on being a donor to Alder's Grove.