August 2nd, 2011

  • stryck

Come visit the Poetry Kitchen!

I've gotten about halfway done with the prompts from my last Poetry Kitchen.

Come read them!

These poems were prompted by ysabetwordsmith, aldersprig, haikujaguar, laffingkat, xjenavivex, and nekomata.

Also, since I'm about halfway done with the prompted poems, I'm putting out a call for prompts for the incentive poem - an ode, ballad, or saga. Choose the form and make suggestions here!

Anybody can vote on the form and make suggestions, but I'll only let donors vote for the theme.

Come visit and sample the Sonnets Side Up!

Poetry Fishbowl Open!

The August 2, 2011 Poetry Fishbowl is now open.  The theme is "corruption and redemption."  (You can be creative in interpreting those terms.)  Please drop by to give me some prompts, watch poetry created, and enjoy the chatter amongst the audience.

I'm trying out some new stuff today -- a ticker showing the donations received, a new perk for a series fishbowl if donations reach $200, and a new perk revealing verses of an epic poem in exchange for linkbacks.  Two of those are ideas that came out of discussions here, so have fun watching me experiment.