August 10th, 2011


WOW! Or "Day 4 and still writing..."

So. Sunday, I put out a call for prompts (LJ post) on the theme of Gender, Sexuality, and how they can go funky (short title: Genderfunky Giraffes).

21 short and medium pieces later... I still have at least 4 prompts to go. O_O

Yesterday's summary is here (or here)

My nearly-complete summary is here.

While I am now closed for free prompts for this call, I am open to continuing any story at my general rate of $5/300 words. :-) I hope to finish the remaining prompts today.

This was a massive call in terms of prompts, but not very big in terms of dollars generated - $20, my lowest yet. It could be the pool has run dry, and it has been a very busy time for people doing free-plus. (Plus, I threw the call out 'cause I had writer's block, so I didn't plan ahead at all).

MASSIVE thanks to ysabetwordsmith, who generated 9/10 of the traffic with her signal boosts.

Boosting the signal

I have a Weebly (Google's name for a wee-little-bitty blog/marketing site). Individual posts have to be very short, so most of mine can be classified as "Fun Stuff I Found in the E-Mail." I've found a lot of fun stuff at LJ, but don't know which people want to be promoted. If you want to be promoted on the Weebly, please reply to this post.

Themes and topics that I think readers expect me to read/view and support include, although they're not limited to:
  • Green--as in old-school Granola Green. Back to the land (my family never really left). Organic gardening, reusing, recycling, low-tech alternatives. Nature. Wildlife.
  • The cats, obviously...the Cat Sanctuary hosts other animals too...wild and domestic.
  • Handcrafts, especially knitting, which is the one I do.
  • Folk music, original songs, song parodies, even filks.
  • Frugal living ("Creative Tightwaddery" was my AC tag for it).
  • Hiking, camping, rowing, and other earth-friendly forms of outdoor exercise.
  • Books, writing, literature, literacy.
  • Being an introvert (I test positive for LBS introversion as well as HSP, but the HSP traits are more visible). Differences between normal healthy introversion and all the ghastly things for which it's been mistaken by ignorant people. Do we need a civil rights movement?
  • Civil liberties. The Weebly states that one of its purposes is to publicize what politicians of any party are saying...and hold them to it. I'm related to a few Republicans who I think represent our community pretty well, but am not and have never been a member of any political party. Civil liberties are my main political concern; honesty and effectiveness are what I'm trying to promote--on all sides.
  • Being a Bible Christian (part of an ancient cultural tradition I'll write about at length some time). I have readers from other religious traditions and endorse things that come from other traditions when they're not in direct conflict with mine.
  • School choice, homeschooling, alternative and private schools. I have nothing against public schools except when they've tried to maintain a monopoly.
  • Doing more with less, in other senses beyond Creative Tightwaddery. I don't have a disability, but have worked with several people who did, and read and write about disability issues. Parents who go back to college, individuals or families who start their own businesses, small underfunded public schools that win state championships, and anybody else who's beating the odds would probably interest me and my readers.
  • Charitable organizations, what they try to accomplish, and how efficiently they accomplish it.
If your work ties in with any of these themes, all you need to do to get me to boost it is ask...well, probably. I write at public computer centers that have family filters, and have been in the habit of writing mostly for family-filter-type readers, so wouldn't be comfortable promoting anything about any form of sex (including passionate mainstream romance), anything where the violence really upsets me, or anything containing a lot of rude words.

If you want to know who's already at the party...a lot of AC/Yahoo writers who I already know need promotion because they're being paid per page view, ozarque, snippy, a few activists and politicians have already been invited, and I've tried to link an educational site that contains a suitable image when I blog about local wildlife or "phenology." Check out the scene at

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