August 23rd, 2011

The Incidental Tarot - Raven & Rose Arts

Hello wonderful people!

First off, for all your help with getting Hunt Press the Beast (our new computer), THANK YOU!!!  Life has been beautiful.

Second, I have a new project to share, though it is not technically *mine*.  Full disclosure, I am the business manager for Holly DeFount aka Raven & Rose Arts.  Holly is an amazingly talented artist and I'm not just saying that because I work with her.  She's amazing, period.

She is also putting together one of the most magical and unique tarot decks that I've ever seen and we're raising money to print and distribute it over at IndieGoGo.  Considering the kinds of projects that find their way to this community, I realized that you all would probably be interested in seeing it.

So here it is!

I'm very invested in seeing this project come to life and at this point, we can afford to do a limited run of decks.  If we make our goal, we'll be able to do an awesome run of decks.  If we exceed our goal, we'll be able to get a fantastic run of the decks and some serious marketing oomph behind it.  That being said, anything helps, be it a dollar or just spreading the word.

The Internet is made of magick.  Let's make some magick together.  :)

For more about Holly, you can connect with her at the following places:!/raven2rose

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It's a Wisdom and Magic Bonanza!

I'm trying something new at my Wisdom and Magic blog!

Come, leave a prompt, and I'll write either wisdom or magic (you can request which or leave it to me), and at least one thing will be posted free! I am accepting tips and there are incentives!

So, do you have a problem you are struggling with? Feel free to share it Dear Abby style. Maybe your fictional character(s) have problems they need advice on? Again, ask! Is there simply a word you want to eek all the wisdom out of? Try me! Do you think a magical spell or ritual might help you out? Let me know and I'll see what I can design for you!

Check it out! :)

How to Review a Crowdfunded Project

Reviews are a prime route for connecting creative material with new viewers.  However, very few review markets are willing to review crowdfunded projects.  So, that leaves it up to the crowdfunding community itself.  Anyone can write a review; it's not that difficult.  This community encourages reviews.  Some websites specializing in a specific type of material, such as weblit or webcomics, may also allow member reviews.  For instance, Web Fiction Guide and Web Comics Nation have reviews.  Reviewing is a good non-cash way to support your favorite projects.  Here are a few tips ...

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Kesha Bruce and Charlie Grosso reflect on their successful Kickstarter campaign

Visual artists Charlie Grosso and Kesha Bruce reflect on their successful Kickstarter campaign, in which they raised over $10,000 to produce 6x6, an "art version of a music festival", a series of 6 art exhibitions and related events to take place over the course of 6 weeks in fall 2011.

Part One

Part Two

I first came across Kesha and Charlie and their project on Twitter (everyone should follow @keshabruce, @charliegrosso, and their gallery @baangandburne). I am super excited about this project, and am looking forward to attending some of the events.

I'm glad they are willing to share what they've learned in their adventures in crowdfunding, so that others can learn too.