November 28th, 2011

Titans' Travels

Titans' Travels

For those still reading - YAY! Another chapter is posted: Chapter XXXVIII - Who's Kidding Whom?

Delays occurred because: 1) Skyrim, 2) Second Life is the new obsession, which is a two-edged sword since it is a time suck, but playing on there is improving dialog writing and some descriptive prose, 3) we are working at our own pace. Oh well, life happens.

Anyway - obligatory teaser: What I had just been told threw out everything I had believed in, the philosophers taught, or the priests preached. Our whole concept of the world and our place in it would have to be rewritten.

BTW - does anyone know where I can find a simple, free, good, easy-for-a-coding-dummy-like-me-to-use, will work on Wordpress, age verification code/link? If you do, please leave a comment here and I will be eternally grateful. Or until my memory blips.

Winterfaire 2011 is open!

I'm hosting a holiday market in my LiveJournal.  Come to the Winterfaire and join the fun!  If you are a creative person, you can post a booth describing your goods or services.  If you're a shopper, you can find holiday gifts made by independent writers, artists, crafters, musicians, and more.  There is also perk poetry for participation -- promote yourself, shop, link, it all unlocks verses starting with the Monster House poem "All in the Family."