December 20th, 2011


Various project updates... Free PDF download and new browsing features

EMG-Zine: This free, monthly e-zine for artists and writers of fantasy and science fiction has been funded through December 2012! We've also raised enough to cover several webpage improvements! As a big, giant thank you, I am offering a free PDF download of our first anthology:

The Art of the Business of Fantasy Art, Volume 1 collects the juiciest articles from 2006, also included a selection of fiction and artwork from that year. Hysterical, serious and frightening by turn, this book is straight-forward dirt from the artists and writers in the trenches, and bound to become a dog-eared favorite. Cover artwork is by Amy Edwards, and articles are by R. Bail, Ursula Vernon, Janet Chui, Ellen Million, C.E. Murphy, Annie Rodrigue, Melissa Acker, Liiga Smilshkalne, Dawn Obrecht, Sonia Fedotowsky, Megan Myers, Audry Wildhagen, Sylvia Leung, Roy Griffin, R.J. Decker, and Joleen Flasher. You can't go too wrong with something that starts with a chicken and an egg and ends with 'Let there be light!' 118 pages, 40 in color. ~25 M PDF

Torn World: The most common complaint I've heard about Torn World is that there is an overwhelming amount of material... where do you start? How can you find out about things? In the last month or so, two amazing new features have been added to the webpage, putting the resources of the project at your fingertips.

First, the article database has been streamlined and updated, with a straight-forward, out-line based landing page:

Secondly, our fiction pages have been given powerful organizational tools.

You can select a single serial or storyline collection to read through, choose a genre of story, or a kind of story structure, a specific theme, or see all the work created for one of our Muse Fusions. Do you only have time for a few flash fiction stories? Want to nibble at the romantic stories? Are you interested in a particular on-going plotline? Looking for stand-alone stories that will get you started in the setting?

What's more, if you are registered (always free!) you can log in and 'watch' any one of these storylines so you get an email letting you know when it's updated with new material. (Did you also know that you can 'watch' any single creator? If you've got a favorite author or artist, you can find out when they post new work!)

Sketch Fest: Our next Sketch Fest will be an experimental 48 hour fest! Due to popular demand, we are trying a longer fest, to include people who have conflicts with our usual Friday at noon - Saturday at noon schedule. Join us January 6-8, noon to noon Alaska time!

As always, your thoughts and input are very welcome! Spread the word, if you know people who would enjoy these projects!