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2011 Rose & Bay Artwork

Here is some art for you to use in promoting the 2011 Rose and Bay Awards! [info]haikujaguar created the logo, with which [info]karen_wehrstein has created a batch of LJ icons, blog badges, buttons, and banners.  I will see if it's possible to obtain nominee and winner badges later.  You can revisit the 2010 artwork post for a look at last year's material.  Also check out the advance planning post for the 2011 Rose & Bay Awards.

EDIT 2/7/11: Nominee badges are now available for all six 2011 categories.

NEW: Nominee Badges
If (and only if) you are a Nominee, you may display your category's Nominee badge on your website, blog, or other venue.

See the Nominee badges for Art, Fiction, Poetry, Webcomic, Other Project, and Patron categories in a separate post.

LJ icons 
A set of 100x100 graphics in different color patterns to show up well against various backgrounds, these may be used as LJ icons or as small blog/website badges to promote the Rose and Bay Awards.  The first one is the "official" LJ icon for the Rose & Bay Awards, to make it easier to identify posts on this topic.  Anyone may use these to raise awareness of the award.

These are tiny graphics that you can use as buttons in posts, sidebars, or other places where there isn't room for a bigger graphic or you don't think it would look good.  They promote the Rose and Bay Awards in general.  Anyone may use these.

These are BIG graphics for people to use in promoting the Rose and Bay Awards generally.  They can be placed as stationary graphics or used in "rotating banner" applications that will show images from a specific set.  Anyone may use these.

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