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Rose and Bay Award: Art nominations post

Nominations are now open for the Art category of the Rose and Bay Award. This award honors excellence in creative crowdfunding, and this category celebrates excellent crowdfunded or cyberfunded art projects. Everyone is encouraged to make nominations and, later, to vote. Icons and banners are available to help spread the word. Please read the complete details below, and then make your nominations in a comment on this post.

What Is the Rose and Bay Award?
The Rose and Bay Award focuses on a growing business model known as "crowdfunding" or "cyberfunded creativity," which directly connects creative people and patrons of the arts online. This award recognizes exemplary projects and enthusiastic patrons. It spans six categories: Art, Fiction, Poetry, Webcomic, Other Project, and Patron. (Other Project includes any cyberfunded creativity that isn't art, fiction, poetry, or webcomic -- or that spans more than one category.) The categories and their handlers are listed below:

Art: itew 
Fiction: eseme  
Poetry: xjenavivex 
Webcomic: ysabetwordsmith  
Other Project: xjenavivex 
Patron: xjenavivex 
The award period for eligible activities spans January 1-December 31, 2010.
The nomination period spans January 1-January 31, 2011.
The voting period spans February 1-February 28, 2011.

Award Rules

1) In order to be nominated, a project must be "cyberfunded creativity" aka "crowdfunding." That means it must be creative material marketed directly to an audience online, with money involved somehow. There are many variations of this business model; all are welcome; and if you're not sure a project qualifies, you may ask.
2) In order to be nominated, at least part of the project must be visible online without charge. If the project is normally visible only to paying subscribers or the like, and the creator wishes for it to be eligible, then s/he may offer temporary or partial access for voting purposes. (If the available material is temporary and/or partial, it needs to say that at the top of the screen, to avoid annoying visitors who might otherwise think they're about to see a complete piece.)
3) This award will go by calendar years. So in order to be eligible for this round, a project must have been active on or between January 1, 2010 and December 31, 2010.
4) For this round, nominations will be made in comments to this nomination post. A nomination consists of the project title, creator name, award category, a link to the project page, and a sentence or few summarizing the project and its crowdfunding approach. Example:

Project Title: Who’s That What
Creator Name: David Mumford
Category: Art
Summary: The artist posts his interpretation of a figure from popular culture daily, and invites the audience to guess who or what it is, where it is from and provide an interesting fact. Winners are allowed nominate another figure, and donations are taken.

5) You may nominate a maximum of three projects per category. You are not required to make that many nominations or to cover all the categories. You may not nominate your own project; that's tacky.

6) Nominations for the Art category will be collected by itew

7) Voters are strongly encouraged (though not required) to browse the nominees before making a final decision; that's what the links are for, and the purpose of this award is to promote the splendor of crowdfunded projects. If you don't have time for that, better to vote on the ones you know than just skip the whole award.
8) Voting will take place via LiveJournal polling in this community, open to all. You may cast one vote per category. (There may need to be more than one poll question per category, and runoffs, if the number of nominees is high.) You may not vote for your own project, nor yourself as a patron; that's tacky.
9) Winners will be announced after the polling is completed. The winner of each category will receive a "Rose and Bay Award" certificate in recognition of their achievement.

Where To Find Crowdfunded Projects

If you don't already know what projects you would like to nominate for this category, please browse around and see what you can find. Here are some resources that might be helpful:

How You Can Help
As a relatively new award, Rose and Bay depends on your enthusiasm to make it a success. Here are some ways you can help that happen:

1) Make some nominations. Leave yours in a comment to this post, and watch for separate posts to appear for the other five categories.
2) Mark the voting period on your calendar. Make sure you come back to this community in February to cast your votes.
3) Promote the Rose and Bay Award by blogging about it, emailing your friends, posting it on social networks, or any other method you can imagine. Everyone is encouraged to spread the word as far as possible whether you are a creator, a patron, or a curious bystander.
4) If you're a patron or audience member, highlight your favorite crowdfunded projects from 2010 and direct people back to the award. Are you following other patrons whose tastes match your own to see what they sponsor or recommend? Mention them too! This makes it easier for people to find eligible nominees.
5) If you're a creative person, let your audience and patrons know which of your projects are eligible for the Rose and Bay Award, including a link to the relevant nomination page(s). Do you have an "honor wall" or other place acknowledging your patrons? Mention that too! Let your fans know there is a way for them to honor your project and the patrons who make it possible

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