Christian A. Young (bodlon) wrote in crowdfunding,
Christian A. Young

A quick introduction and a project called Hold Something

Hello there!

My name is Christian, and I'm a writer with a day job. I work mostly in various flavors of SF/F and other spec fic (usually but not always with queer themes), though I also write essays, poetry, and and other flavors of fiction. I've been published in a couple of magazines and anthologies, and am looking for ways to make creative work more sustainable for me. I also like to donate to or support crowdfunded projects when I can afford to (which isn't as often as I'd like, though I suppose that's pretty normal), so I'm really excited to discover this community!

What I'm currently working on is a monthly project called Hold Something. The basic idea is that we've lost a lot in terms of tangibility, and so I'd like to make something wonderful for people to get in the mail. Each month I'll take a photo, use it as the inspiration for a short (1-2 page) story, and then send copies of both (with a note, and sometimes goodies) to anyone who subscribes. You can find the whole spiel here.
Tags: art, cyberfunded creativity, fiction, science fiction, writing

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