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ysabetwordsmith in crowdfunding

2011 Rose & Bay Award Winner: Webcomic

The Rose & Bay Awards honor excellence in cyberfunded creativity.  If you're new to this project, please read more on the 2011 landing page.

I'm pleased to announce the 2011 Rose & Bay Award: Webcomic winner (with 91 votes) ...

"Khaos Komix" by Tab Kimton (aka Khaoskomix)
Project Title: Khaos Komix 
Creator Name: Tab Kimton [info]khaoskomix
Link: http://www.khaoskomix.com
Category: Webcomic 
Summary: This is a brilliant interwoven story of a group of queer British teens. Each "issue" of the comic tells one of the characters' stories, as each one reveals a bit more of the whole story and about themselves. One of the best pieces of art on 'coming out' I've ever seen. The characters are amazingly well depicted, both in the characterization and in the spare and raw art style that Tab uses.

Congratulations! This project features excellent art and storytelling; I hope plenty of new people explore it.