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Righto, this is our first ever foray into crowdfunding, and I hope this post is readable, I am racing around shattered with projects at the moment!

I am one of the two co-founders of the South Devon Players community theatre company, which is based in the South West Of England. We are a non-profit group, specialising in historically themed productions and won the Creativity In The Community Award 2010 last September. 
With the government cutting most funding to the arts, across the board, we are struggling to keep going and develop new projects, and therefore have signed up to various fundraising links, as well as setting up a crowdfunding project for one of our next ventures.
You only need to google "south devon players" to find us splattered all over the internet if you need to check we really exist. :)

You can follow us via our main website, or Facebook (, or twitter @sdevonplayers.
Or on livejournal, we are at sdp_theatre because you can never have too much social networking!

The Lost Templar Fleet project is a theatrical venture, bringing to life the history and myths of the Knights Templar, and the times in which they lived.

The Lost Templar Fleet is, specifically, a theatre show, which can be adapted for indoors or outdoors, telling the story of the arrests of the KnightsTemplar in Paris, during October 1307, and exploring the myths of the treasure believed to be missing from thier Paris Temple, and of thier fleet that disappeared from La Rochelle.

Despite being in the early stages of planning, our theatre company are already recieving enquires about not only the main play, but also to make spin-off appearances at local schools for historical talks and to put on living history shows at local fete's and community events. Film actors are interested in beling involved, and the project is growing steadily, and the consesus within the group is that we are now aiming to make the project into an ongoing "showteam", with the play, educational visits and living history encampments.

Unfortunatly, the South Devon Players (our theatre group) is funded by literal pennies here and there, and for this project and the ongoing appearances over the next few years, we need to purchase/ make better quality costumes, set dressings and props, in order to create an authentic and mobile show/ team/ set.  Therefore, this is our first foray into crowdfunding, to try to raise funds for the project.

We would like to make it clear that despite the theme of the show, it is absolutely NOT an excuse to "push" any religious bias, or ideology. The project is simply an unbiased portrayal of the Knights Templar and the medieval world in which they lived. People are welcome and respected regardless of religion, gender or nationality.


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