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ysabetwordsmith in crowdfunding

Rose & Bay Awards Followup to the Poll

After the 2011 award season, there was a discussion and a poll for ideas about where the Rose & Bay Awards should go next.  A total of 17 people participated in the poll.  Here are the results ...

Rose & Bay Awards voting polls will be non-transparent.  (10 people voted for this.)

A restriction will be added so that a project which wins one year is not eligible in the same category the next year.  After that, it is eligible again.  (13 people voted for a restriction.  12 voted for a one-year trigger.  10 voted for a one-year skip.)

Voting will be popular (with checkboxes) rather than singular (with radio buttons) so that voters can indicate all the projects they like within a given category.

A number of people expressed both interest in and support for a Crowdfunding Hub Site.  Based on the low end of what people said they might donate, that includes between $69 and $165.

Although several people suggested offering prizes, actual support for this was considerably lower.  Nobody volunteered as an overall prize organizer.  (Some did volunteer for contributing prizes, or helping with particular parts of prizes.)  So this proposal is tabled until more people are available to make it happen.  (Only 11 people even voted on this question.)

People slightly favored sponsoring the Crowdfunding Hub Site first, followed by the prizes.  (8 people voted for this version.)  So if both of those come together, we'll try to make that order work out.  A very close second (6 votes) went to just doing them in whatever order works, whether or not that creates an overlap.