"Choosing [Her] Path Between the Stars" (thesilentpoet) wrote in crowdfunding,
"Choosing [Her] Path Between the Stars"

NEW: Crowdfunding Project - The Scholar's Mate

Chapter 1 has been posted in my new crowdfunded fiction project: The Scholar's Mate. This is the first story in a series entitled Sixty-Four Squared. Links to chapter 1 can be found on both my dreamwidth and livejournal accounts.

A donation button is at the bottom of the page, please consider donating as might work for you. Also, all comments and signal boosting are doubly appreciated as well.

I'm hoping to have a new chapter each week. I'll continue posting updates here, along with links to dreamwidth and livejournal entries. Alternately, please feel free to follow the the scholar's mate tag.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy this story, as much as I am looking forward to writing it.

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