Amyla (shadows_gallery) wrote in crowdfunding,

WIP Postings-- The Sylph

Hello, all!  I just wanted to drop a little note here to give people the opportunity to follow my step-by-step painting process of "The Sylph".  This piece was voted through in an open poll on my LJ early this month as my next digital painting project. 

When it is complete, it will be made available for crowdfunding.  Sponsors will receive perks from my Zazzle site dependent upon amount sponsored (I'm still working out the details of this, and will make a post detailing final perk list as soon as I've worked it out completely), and the full-sized image will also be made available to the public as a download after the funding goal is reached.

Click image to see the latest WIP post, along with larger pics.  Feel free to keep checking back at my LJ for project update posts, which are made every few days.


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