Meeks (meeksp) wrote in crowdfunding,

News from Mikaspace

One of my favourite parts of running a crowdfunding project is the inspiration that grows from interaction with, and among members of my audience, and there has been a contagion of creativity surrounding my sketches this week!

Shine On is a sketch based on a poem of the same name by ysabetwordsmith, which was inspired by audience prompts during her latest Poetry Fishbowl. The poem and the sketch in turn inspired siege to write Holy Walking Warrior.

Diapering Dragons comes from a setting created by aldersprig, and prompted a question from kelkyag about dragon sizes, which evolved into an unplanned worldbuilding discussion. Both aldersprig and I are now planning follow up pieces in response to ideas that popped up in the comments :)
Tags: art, community, cyberfunded creativity, networking, project update

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