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Crowdfunding in the Spotlight: Content Posts

Here is a concise guide to the content posts organized for the LiveJournal Spotlight July 18-24.  Welcome to our many new members!  Special thanks to all the folks who have written these posts so everyone would have exciting new material to enjoy.

Monday, July 18 -- Shared Worlds and Patrons
"Welcome, Spotlight Visitors!" by ysabetwordsmith
"On patronage..." by the_vulture
"Sharing a World for Fun ... and Profit" by ellenmillion
"Let's Discuss How Creators Can Attract Customers and Patrons" by laffingkat

Tuesday, July 19 -- Webserials
"Serialised Novels, Engagement, and Extribulum" by copperbadge
"What's So Great About Writing Webfiction? :-)" by aldersprig
"Let's discuss what makes a serial!" by chrysoula
"A retrospective on Tin Man, and a look forward at Hiraeth" by robling_t

Wednesday, July 20 -- Prompted Literature / Fishbowls
"The Poetry Fishbowl and Other Prompted Literature" by ysabetwordsmith
"So, I do this thing... or prompted fiction and writing directly to the audience" by aldersprig
"Discussion: Audience Participation" by ysabetwordsmith

Thursday, July 21 -- Divination / One-Card Draw
"So let's look at the demographics, shall we?" by the_vulture (poll)
"Starting a One-Card Draw" by wrenstarling
"Divination and Crowd-Funding" by stonetalker
"What Other Ventures Could Be Crowdfunded" by stonetalker
"One Card Draws!" by miintikwa
"Progress Meters" by ysabetwordsmith
"How Do You Measure Success in Crowdfunding?" by wyld_dandelyon

Friday, July 22 -- Prompted Art
"Icon Day" by djinni
"Sketch Fest #16 -- Starts Soon!" by ellenmillion
"Story Sketches: crowdfunded illustration for writers and their fans" by meeksp
"Discussion: Where do you find crowdfunded projects?" by ysabetwordsmith

Saturday, July 23 -- Webcomics
"ComicFury as a webcomic host & Crowdfunding" by comicfury
"Patron Thoughts" by red_trillium
"Why Webcomics are so important, and shouldn’t be ignored." by khaoskomix
"Webcomics, Crowdfunding, Radish Farming, and the FTP Factor" by gallo_de_pelea
"Womanthology and Kickstarter" posted via copperbadge
"Crowdfunded gaming: Kingdom of Loathing" by my_partner_doug

Sunday, July 24 -- Nonfiction
"Interview with Steven Lambert of Aether Dancer" by ysabetwordsmith
"EMG-Zine Fundraising - Kicks Off Today!" by ellenmillion
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