Gail Southworth (southabi) wrote in crowdfunding,
Gail Southworth

Fundraising & Call for Submissions

I'm on day 8 of my 10-Day countdown to the end of my Kickstarter campaign today, and wanted to share a few things.

First of all- thank you to everyone who's donated so far, and to those who have signal boosted the project. The support has been fantastic, and I'm glad to see such overflowing support for those with bipolar disorder.

I'm still looking for funding, but I've also begun looking for submissions.

-Our Stories – 250 words or less personal story on yours or others' struggles with bipolar disorder.
- Essays – This could be essays on the illness, about the stigma, etc.
- Poetry/Prose – Poetry or prose about someone with the disorder, or the disorder itself.
- Artwork – Same as Poetry/Prose, only artwork.

If you or anyone you know have anything they'd like to submit, please email to southabi [at]

Submissions can be posted anonymously, first name only, full name, or screenname with a link to your website on request.

Lastly, feel free to check out my post on Six Degrees of Separation, concerning the affects of mental illness.
Tags: activism, art, community, networking, project update

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