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ysabetwordsmith in crowdfunding

Creative Jam, Anyone?

There exist several creative projects that are open-participation in various ways.  Muse Fusion is focused on the shared-world setting Torn World, but any TW contributors can participate, everyone can leave prompts, and any kind of creative material is fair game.  Sketch Fest is focused on art, but anyone can leave prompts or claim prompts.  You get the idea.

Also prevalent are complaints that "there isn't enough X."  Think of all the under-represented motifs you've heard of -- sexual diversity, characters of color, women in reasonable armor, women anything  really.  Various folks have responded by recommending favorite examples and/or creating more such stuff.  Crowdfunding is particularly suited to filling this kind of gap.

What do you think about the idea of organizing some kind of "panjam" here where anything goes?  Pick a theme, anyone can prompt, anyone can create whatever they create based on prompts -- sketches, sculptures, fiction, poetry, comic strips, music, etc.  Folks could suggest themes and then vote on the most popular ones to try using.  Creative jams are fun; we have a lot of awesome talent on this list and I think it would be exciting to give everyone a chance to play together.

Thoughts?  I'm posting this on both the LiveJournal and Dreamwidth communities.

EDIT 9/20/11: Okay, it looks like some folks are interested. (See the Dreamwidth discussion also.) Let's start collecting possible themes. List your suggestions in a comment and I'll collect them up here. We have 15 themes now, and 15 is the maximum choices in a poll; I'm closing theme suggestion here, and we can always do another one later. I'll post a poll of the themes on Monday; that should give us time for more discussion. Probably the poll will contain a checkbox question for which themes you'd enjoy participating in, and a radiobox question for which theme you'd like to feature first.

* alternative sexualities / QUILTBAG
* blood
* characters of color
* disabled people (invisibly and visibly disabled)
* feminism
* food
* growing old
* inner worlds
* kink
* misfits
* nonviolence
* outer space
* preservation/conservation
* respect
* women in sensible armor

Continue with "Further Discussion of the Creative Jam" for parameters and other topics.


I'd be interested.

Actually I was thinking about this recently, but I didn't feel like I'd been a part of the community for long enough to suggest it. I think it would be great for everyone who can to get involved in something like this.

Thank you!

>>I'd be interested.<<

Yay! I'm happy to hear that. Do you know anyone else who might be? If you have other friends doing projects, talking to them might rustle up a few more participants.

>>Actually I was thinking about this recently, but I didn't feel like I'd been a part of the community for long enough to suggest it. I think it would be great for everyone who can to get involved in something like this.<<

I'm glad that someone else was thinking along similar lines; that's encouraging.

By the way, about a third of our membership has only been here for a couple months, since the LiveJournal Spotlight in mid-July. We picked up a lot of people then. Some have already posted about their activities, but more are still just observing. It's good to get folks involved.
I'd be interested, though my ability to participate would be haphazard. I'd probably be able to produce at least one item!
I do have to admit, when I first saw the title of this post, I thought, "like blueberry lime?"

...I follow Cooking as well as Crowdfunding.
I think it's a great idea, but I worry that without more guidance, people will be stymied by options; maybe some kind of theme would help.


It should have a theme; I mentioned that. The idea would be to ask people to suggest themes, then vote to select the more popular ones. I believe this would also make the project more constructive by allowing people to nominate themes they think are underserved by the mainstream -- which is a majority of what most of us are producing.
I'd be interested, definitely


More people!
I'd be up for it.

Thank you!

This is good news.
I'd play. My participation might also be limited but I'd love to give it a try.


It's okay if you can't make it every time, or only want to do one item, etc. I'm hoping this project will attract a large enough pool of participants -- both prompters and creators -- that it will cycle over time with different folks as availability allows.
My participation would be limited (soooo many sticks in the fire!), but I'd play as I could!


I'm hoping this project will dodge around your other projects, along with others that have set parameters. Intermittent participation is okay.
I'll support cooking as a theme.
Other suggestions:
Feminism (this could be controversial, so maybe for down the road a bit)
Outer Space