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ysabetwordsmith in crowdfunding

Nominations for Rose and Bay Award: Webcomic Category

Nominations are now CLOSED. The voting period is February 1-29, 2012.  Vote for webcomics!

Nominations are now open for the Webcomic category of the Rose and Bay Award.  This award honors excellence in creative crowdfunding, and this category recognizes superlative artwork and writing in the field of webcomics which combine visual and textual elements of storytelling.  Everyone is encouraged to make nominations and, later, to vote.  Icons and banners are available to help spread the word.  Please read the complete details below, and then make your nominations in a comment on this post.

NOTE: The 2011 winner, Khaos Komix  by Tab Kimton aka khaoskomix is not eligible for nomination in 2012.

What Is the Rose and Bay Award?
The Rose and Bay Award focuses on a growing business model known as "crowdfunding" or "cyberfunded creativity," which directly connects creative people and patrons of the arts online.  This award recognizes exemplary projects and enthusiastic patrons.  It spans six categories: Art, Fiction, Poetry, Webcomic, Other Project, and Patron.  (Other Project includes any cyberfunded creativity that isn't art, fiction, poetry, or webcomic -- or that spans more than one category.)  The categories and their handlers are listed below:

Art: jenny_evergreen
Fiction: jenny_evergreen
Poetry: ysabetwordsmith
Webcomic: ysabetwordsmith
Other Project: lilyayl
Patron: lilyayl

The award period for eligible activities spans January 1-December 31, 2011.
The nomination period spans January 1-January 31, 2012.
The voting period spans February 1-February 29, 2012.  (Leap Day provides an extra day this year.)

Award Rules

1) In order to be nominated, a project must be "cyberfunded creativity" aka "crowdfunding."  That means it must be creative material marketed directly to an audience online, with money involved somehow.  There are many variations of this business model; all are welcome; and if you're not sure a project qualifies, you may ask.

2) In order to be nominated, at least part of the project must be visible online without charge.  If the project is normally visible only to paying subscribers or the like, and the creator wishes for it to be eligible, then s/he may offer temporary or partial access for voting purposes.  (If the available material is temporary and/or partial, it needs to say that at the top of the screen, to avoid annoying visitors who might otherwise think they're about to see a complete piece.)

3) A project or person which wins one year is not eligible in the same category for the next year. After that, it is eligible again. The 2011 winners are therefore not eligible for the 2012 award season, including Khaos Komix by Tab Kimton aka khaoskomix in Webcomic.

4) This award goes by calendar years.  So in order to be eligible for this round, a project must have been active on or between January 1, 2011 and December 31, 2011.

5) For the 2012 round, nominations will be made in comments to this nomination post.  A nomination consists of the project title, creator name, award category, a link to the project page, and a summary. The summary should include several sentences describing the project's content (theme, characters, plot, etc.), presentation (media, frequency, etc.), and crowdfunding approach (money handling, audience interaction, etc.)  See "5 Steps to Crowdfunding Success" for a discussion of key features that identify a crowdfunded project. Example:

Project Title: Wonderful Webcomic 
Creator Name: A.J. Muse
Link: http://wonderful.webcomic.com 
Category: Webcomic.  
Summary: "Wonderful Webcomic  is a new (March 2011-current) black-and-white webcomic about two left shoes, a magical butterfly, and their efforts to rescue neglected children.  It updates weekly on Mondays.  This project is funded by donations; there are thresholds at which additional black-and-white strips may appear (on Wednesdays and Fridays) and another for a monthly full-color, full-page spread.  A monthly poll asks readers to choose a favorite bit character to reappear; other questions vary.  Watch for the hardcopy edition planned for publication in summer 2012."

6) You may nominate a maximum of three projects per category.  You are not required to make that many nominations or to cover all the categories. Please make each nomination in a separate comment; that way, if a problem occurs with one nomination it will not affect any others. You may not nominate your own project.

7) Nominations for the Webcomic category will be collected by ysabetwordsmith.

8) Participation is voluntary. If a creator wishes to withdraw their project from any category, or a patron wishes to withdraw from the Patron category, simply contact the category handler. In case of withdrawal, the person who made the withdrawn nomination may then nominate another project or patron instead.

9) Voters are strongly encouraged (though not required) to browse the nominees before making a final decision; that's what the links are for, and the purpose of this award is to promote the splendor of crowdfunded projects.  If you don't have time for that, better to vote on the ones you know than just skip the whole award.

10) Voting will take place via LiveJournal polling in the crowdfunding</lj> community, open to all.  Polling is by popular vote, with checkboxes; you may vote for all of the projects in a category that you admire.  (There may need to be more than one poll question per category, and runoffs, if the number of nominees is high.  LJ has a limit to how many options there can be per question in a poll.)  You may not vote for your own project, nor yourself as a patron.

11) Winners will be announced after the polling is completed. 

Where To Find Webcomics
While there is not yet a website that focuses exclusively oncrowdfunded projects, there are several that gather various types of webcomics. If you want to participate in this award category but you're not sure what projects to nominate, look for places to browse through different projects so you can find some that you like.

How You Can Help
As a relatively new award, Rose and Bay depends on your enthusiasm to make it a success.  Here are some ways you can help that happen:

1) Make some nominations.  Leave yours in a comment to this post, and watch for separate posts to appear for the other five categories.

2) Mark the voting period on your calendar.  Make sure you come back to this community in February to cast your votes.

3) Promote the Rose and Bay Award by blogging about it, emailing your friends, posting it on social networks, or any other method you can imagine.  Boost the signal on Facebook, Twitter, and whatever other social networks you frequent.  Everyone is encouraged to spread the word as far as possible whether you are a creator, a patron, or a curious bystander.

4) If you're a patron or audience member, highlight your favorite crowdfunded projects from 2011 and direct people back to the award.  Are you following other patrons whose tastes match your own to see what they sponsor or recommend?  Mention them too!  This makes it easier for people to find eligible nominees.

5) If you're a creative person, let your audience and patrons know which of your projects are eligible for the Rose and Bay Award, including a link to the relevant nomination page(s).  Do you have an "honor wall" or other place acknowledging your patrons?  Mention that too!  Let your fans know there is a way for them to honor your project and the patrons who make it possible.


Project Title: "Gunnerkrigg Court"
Creator Name: Tom Siddell
Link: http://www.gunnerkrigg.com
Category: Webcomic.
Summary: Gunnerkrigg Court is a webcomic set in a very odd English boarding school where technology and magic interact. The two main characters are schoolgirls, best friends; one is psychically gifted and the other excels with technology. The supporting cast includes gods, robots, demons, ghosts, animals, fairies, elves, elementals, teenagers, and teachers. The plot is indescribably complex, but extremely engaging. The comic updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Thank you!

I appreciate your nomination. You may nominate two other webcomics if you wish.


Project Title: "One Sense, Two Cents"
Creator Name: William Brian MacLean wbm
Link: http://wbm.livejournal.com/581498.html
Category: Webcomic
Summary: "One Sense, Two Cents" is a crowdfunded webcomic with a political/activist flavor, so the strips tend to be more nonfiction than fiction, often with a satirical tone. The black-and-white line art evokes the tradition of great editorial cartoons from newspapers or magazines. There are usually four frames in a strip. Audience members can give the artist a prompt, and preferably a donation, then get a cartoon about their favorite cause or current event. I think this is great because it encourages people to think about and discuss controversial issues, leavened with a little humor -- and now you don't have to be a cartoonist to make editorial cartoons, you can crowdfund it!

Project Title: The Less Than Epic Adventures of T.J. and Amal
Creator Name: E.K. Weaver
Link: http://tjandamal.com/
Category: Webcomic.
Summary: This is the story of two guys who currently seem to be falling in love as they wander around the country. Funded by purchases of related material, the comic updates every Monday.

Edited at 2012-01-31 12:05 am (UTC)

Thank you!

Confirmed. Having nominated this and "Oglaf" you have 1 nomination left in this category.

Project Title: "Oglaf"
Creator Name: Trudy Cooper
Link: http://www.oglaf.com/
Category: Webcomic
This webcomic tends to feature sex, violence, and other adult material; recommended for viewers age 18+.
"Oglaf" is a full-color webcomic that favors fantasy but has ventured into other genres. Erotic humor prevails. Most stories are one-page but some run several pages. There is no overall plot but some characters or motifs recur, such as the search for the Fountain of Youth. Updates on Sundays. Some swag is available for sale.

(Copied from last year's nomination, but I love this comic!)

Thank you!

Your nomination is confirmed. So far you've made two (this one and TJ/Amal) in this category, and you may make one more.


Project Title: Songseeker
Creator Name: Jennifer Broschinsky
Link: http://www.comics.puffbird.net/
Category: Webcomic
Summary: This lavish grayscale comic follows the story of Pau Wind-In-Mane. The Maned are part of a unique and well-developed world, portrayed in clean, crisp graphic work. I am enjoying the slow reveal of how these people came to be, and the gorgeous artwork. There is a tipjar at the site.

Re: Nomination

Confirmed! This is your first nomination, so you may make two more in this category if you wish.


Project Title: "Alien Dice"
Creator Name: Tiffany Ross aka syke
Link: http://aliendice.com/
Category: Webcomic
Summary: "Alien Dice" is full-color science fiction featuring Lexx, a slave trapped in a bizarre game for the amusement of rich aliens. Unlike most webcomics, it features long sections of fiction in addition to the text appearing in the illustrations. It's funded by donations, and there are perks at various thresholds.


Project Title: "OpinioNation"
Creator Name: William Brian MacLean aka wbm
Link: http://roostertree.com/opinionation/
Category: Webcomic
Summary: This webcomic is done in colored pen, and deals with political and social topics. Funded by donations.

Edited at 2012-02-01 01:03 am (UTC)
Project Title: "Girl Genius"
Creator Name: Phil and Kaja Foglio
Link: http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/comic.php
Category: Webcomic
Summary: Trying to summarize "Girl Genius" is a near-impossible task, although the authors' own caption of "Adventure, Romance, MAD SCIENCE!" does come close. This full-color steampunk comic is updated M-W-F. The site is funded by the sale of hard-copy graphic novels reprinting chapters of this continuity-based saga, as well as other merchandise based on the story's setting and characters. Reader donations are rewarded with a choice of multiple, frequently updated desktop wallpapers, featuring the strip's characters in a wide variety of settings, in formats to suit most computers and monitors.

Thank you!