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jenny_evergreen in crowdfunding

Nominations for Rose and Bay Award: Fiction Category

Nominations are now CLOSED for the Fiction category of the Rose and Bay Award. This award honors excellence in creative crowdfunding, and this category recognizes exceptional fiction writing. Everyone is encouraged to make nominations and, later, to vote. Icons and banners are available to help spread the word. Please read the complete details below, and then make your nominations in a comment on this post.

Note: A project or person which wins one year is not eligible in the same category for the next year. After that, it is eligible again. In the Fiction category, "Tales of MU" by Alexandra Erin is not eligible.

What Is the Rose and Bay Award?
The Rose and Bay Award was launched by ysabetwordsmith (Elizabeth Barrette) in January 2009, and quickly gained additional volunteers. This award focuses on a growing business model known as "crowdfunding" or "cyberfunded creativity," which directly connects creative people and patrons of the arts online. This award recognizes exemplary projects and enthusiastic patrons. It currently features six categories: Art, Fiction, Poetry, Webcomic, Other Project, and Patron.

The award period for eligible activities spans January 1-December 31, 2011.
The nomination period spans January 1-January 31, 2012.
The voting period spans February 1-February 29, 2012. (Leap Day provides an extra day this year.)

These are the handlers for the 2012 award season:

Art: jenny_evergreen Nominate art!
Fiction: jenny_evergreen Nominate fiction!
Poetry: ysabetwordsmith Nominate poetry!
Webcomic: ysabetwordsmith Nominate webcomics!
Other Project: lilyayl Nominate other projects!
Patron: lilyayl Nominate patrons!

Award Rules

1) In order for a project to be nominated in the Art, Fiction, Poetry, Webcomic, or Other Project categories:

It must be "cyberfunded creativity" aka "crowdfunding." That means it must be creative material marketed directly to an audience online, with money involved somehow. There are many variations of this business model; all are welcome; and if you're not sure a project qualifies, you may ask. See "5 Steps to Crowdfunding Success" for a discussion of key features that identify a crowdfunded project.
At least part of the project must be visible online without charge. If the project is normally visible only to paying subscribers or the like, and the creator wishes for it to be eligible, then s/he may offer temporary or partial access for voting purposes. (If the available material is temporary and/or partial, it needs to say that at the top of the screen, to avoid annoying visitors who might otherwise think they're about to see a complete and permanent piece.)

Note: A project or person which wins one year is not eligible in the same category for the next year. After that, it is eligible again. In the Fiction category, "Tales of MU" by Alexandra Erin is not eligible.

2) This award will go by calendar years. So in order to be eligible for the 2012 award season, a project or patron must have been active on or between January 1, 2011 and December 31, 2011.

3) For the 2012 season, nominations will be made in comments to each category's nomination post (beginning in January). A nomination consists of the project title, creator name, award category, a link to the project page, and a summary. The summary should include several sentences describing the project's content (theme, characters, plot, etc.), presentation (media, frequency, etc.), and crowdfunding approach (money handling, audience interaction, etc.). Example:

Project Title: "Awesome Content"
Creator Name: A.J. Muse
Link: http://awe.some.content.com
Category: Other Project.
Summary: "Awesome Content" is a story about A.J. Muse's three ferrets, told in a combination of music and fiction, illustrated by photos. It is funded by a combination of donations and photo sales. Updates twice weekly on Music Mondays and Fiction Fridays."

4) You may nominate a maximum of three projects per category. You are not required to make that many nominations or to cover all the categories. Please make each nomination in a separate comment; that way, if a problem occurs with one nomination it will not affect any others. You may not nominate your own project, nor yourself as patron.

5) Nominations for the Art category will be collected by jenny_evergreen.

6) Participation is voluntary. If a creator wishes to withdraw their project from any category, or a patron wishes to withdraw from the Patron category, simply contact the category handler. In case of withdrawal, the person who made the withdrawn nomination may then nominate another project or patron instead.

7) Voters are strongly encouraged to browse the nominees before making a final decision; that's what the links are for, and the purpose of this award is to promote the splendor of crowdfunded projects. If you don't have time to explore widely or you already have a firm favorite, that's okay too.

8) Voting will take place via LiveJournal polling in the crowdfunding community, open to all. Polling is by popular vote, with checkboxes; you may vote for all of the projects in a category that you admire. (There may need to be more than one poll question per category, and runoffs, if the number of nominees is high. LJ has a limit to how many options there can be per question in a poll.) You may not vote for your own project, nor yourself as a patron.

9) Winners will be announced after the polling is completed.

How You Can Help

As a relatively new award, Rose and Bay depends on everyone's participation and enthusiasm to make it a success. Here are some ways you can help that happen:

a) Nominate. Leave your nominations for art in the comments on this post. Don't forget to check out the other five nominating posts as well.

b) Vote. Voting opens in February. Don't forget to mark your calendar or set up an alert.

c) Promote. Blog, email friends, tweet, post to Facebook, GooglePlus, Tumblr, or other social websites. Use the banners and icons. Hire a skywriter. Organize a flash mob. Just spread the word.

d) Share. If you're a patron or audience member, highlight your favorite crowdfunded projects from 2011 and direct people back to the award. Are you following other patrons whose tastes match your own to see what they sponsor or recommend? Mention them too! This makes it easier for people to find eligible nominees.

e) Speak up. Don't be shy. If you have eligible projects for Rose & Bay, let your audience and patrons know and link them to the relevant nomination post(s). If you have an "honor wall" or other place acknowledging your patrons, mention that too! Let your fans know there is a way for them to honor your project and the patrons who make it possible.

f) Plug in. Consider joining crowdfunding on LJ if you're not yet a member. You may also want to check out freestuffday where many crowdfunded projects are announced. If you're on Dreamwidth, don't forget to check out the Crowdfunding community there as well.



Project Title: "The Many Writings of K.A. Jones"
Creator Name: K.A. Jones aka kajones_writing aka moonwolf1988
Category: Fiction
Summary: "The Many Writings of K.A. Jones" is a project that currently spans about 16 series; my favorites include Donor House, Pagans, Afterlife, and World Walkers. Most are fantasy with some horror, Pagan fiction, and other genres. Stories are written in installments, which can be extended in various ways. There is a huge amount of free fiction -- like the advent story from Thear which is roughly 25,000 words -- and other material still waiting to be sponsored. This is one of the most intensely interactive projects with prompt calls, featured characters and collections, character adoptions, and much more. There is also a robust system of audience rewards -- you can earn "credits" by spotting typos, linking to the project, making fanart, etc. and spend them to get more fiction written, see an unsponsored story, adopt a character, even create permanent structures in a setting.


Project Title: "The Fiction of Lyn Thorne-Alder"
Creator Name: Lyn Thorne-Alder aka aldersprig
Link: http://aldersprig.livejournal.com/210626.html
Category: Fiction
Summary: This project currently lists 10 series on the "Landing Page Landing Page" and there are others that just have a couple of linked stories but aren't named yet. Most are fantasy with some science fiction and other genres. These are usually written as microfics that get posted for free, and can be expanded with donations. What started out as some special fundraisers and random prompt calls has evolved into a monthly "Giraffe Call" (named after an early fundraiser to buy a giraffe-spotted carpet) for prompts on a given theme, with perks based on donation thresholds and other activities. It has been lots of fun watching this project grow and evolve as more people join in and the structure gets more refined.


Project Title: "Garden of Prose"
Creator Name: Clare K.R. Miller clare_dragonfly aka DW user clare_dragonfly
Category: Fiction
Summary: "Garden of Prose" is a periodic project offering a themed call for prompts. Microfic is written based on the prompts, usually some flavor of speculative fiction but other genres also appear. Donations get more fiction written and/or posted, and there are other perks for audience activity.
Project Title: Require: Cookie
Creator Name: Stormy (Grace McDermott)
Link: http://www.requirecookie.com (The story starts here)
Category: Fiction
Summary: An ongoing geeky urban fantasy series set mostly in an alternate version of Brisbane. I could say that the main protagonist is a hacker girl who dies and becomes an angel, and it would be technically true while probably leading you to form a completely inaccurate impression. Angels in this setting are more likely to be sporting suits than feathered wings these days, and they belong to The Agency responsible for maintaining order in a world where humans and fae live side by side, and the prevalence of magic doesn't stop some people from wanting to wipe it out.

The real strength of this series lies in the compelling cast of characters, all believably broken and relatable, if not always sympathetic. Five books in, we've been treated to a lot of character growth, and a few developments that even the author didn't anticipate, but the characters have remained true to themselves throughout.

There is a donation button at the site, and revised e-book editions are in the works. This series has attracted an enthusiastic community of loyal fans who interact with Stormy and each other both on-site via comments and forum posts, and off in related chatrooms and fora. There are facebook pages for the series as a whole, as well as for The Agency, and characters Stef Mimosa and Magnolia Hammond. Fan contributions are encouraged, and the title banner features a rotating display of fan art and favourite quotes from the series.
This sounds like something my mother might love. *passes it on to her* Yay for discovering new stuff!
Project Title: "A Rosary of Stones and Thorns"
Creator Name: M.C.A. Hogarth haikujaguaron Live Journal
Link: Completed novel
Category: Fiction
Summary: A story with a new take on traditional angels that involves a possible battle between heaven and hell taking place on earth, with a priest, two teenagers, and a doctor trying to prevent it. Great worldbuilding.This novel includes the writer's wonderful art as well.

Nomination: No Dominion

Project Title: No Dominion
Creator Name: C. E. Murphy
Link: Landing page, Kickstarter page
Category: Fiction
Summary: No Dominion is a Kickstarter funded project to write a novel and several short stories and novellas set in Murphy's Walker Papers universe. I think it was significant for two reasons: first, it's a completely crowd-funded project in a world which has previously been published traditionally, and second, it is the fifth most successful Kickstarter fiction project of all time, at over $20K in funding. (If you don't count RPG fiction, it's the most successful F/SF Kickstarter novel ever.) The first short story written for the project, "Forgotten But By A Few," is available at the first link above.

Edited at 2012-01-09 05:08 pm (UTC)


Nomination from Blue

Project Title: "Eclipse Court"
Creator Name: Shirley Meier
Link: http://eclipsecourt.blogspot.com/
Category: Fiction
Summary: Eclipse Court is the story of Minis Aan, Heir to the Crystal Throne, a spoiled prince who has everything but the love of his narcissistic father.
Updates weekdays and is funded by donations.

(this is Blue-winged Coyote http://bluewingedcoyote.deviantart.com/
I can't seem to sign in)
Project Title: "Hiraeth: the Adventures of Trevor and Jason"
Creator Name: robling_t
Category: Fiction
Summary: Hiraeth follows the adventures of a modern-day vampire and his other-than-human friends. It updates on most Thursdays, and is funded through voluntary donations. I started reading this today, and have already made my way through several chapters. It's very well written with well-drawn characters and an exploration of various themes of morality and racial (species) stereotyping, among other things.
Project Title: Free Microfic Day!
Creator Name: skjam // [personal profile] skjam on DW
Link: http://skjam.dreamwidth.org/27307.html
Category: Fiction
Summary: "Free Microfic Day" is a periodic project that requests prompts based on a central theme. Microfics are written based on the prompts left. Donations offer perks of more fic being written and even icons being made.


Chevenga.com, the philosopher in arms

One of the best books I have ever read, particularly in terms of getting into characters heads. An intriguing plot, well written, and thoroughly enjoyable. This story has made me laugh, cry, and everything in between (there's even some wonderful sex scenes).


Creator Name: Karen Wehrstein
Link: http://www.chevenga.com/node/7
Category: Fiction
Summary: Chevenga is heir to the semanakraseye the head of state; the position of power that has no power in Yeola-e. After witnessing his fathers limp, lifeless body at age seven Chevenga has a vision. This vision is of his own death before the age of thirty. Instead of panicking this brave child becomes determined to work, love and be twice as hard to make up for the lack of lifespan.

Follow him from age 7 as he learns of life, suffers the greatest heart break possible then go on to conquer not only his enemies but his own fear and trauma. Love, miracles and tenderness blossom in the harshest of places leading him to lead the greatest nation in the Fifth Millennium.

Nomination: Philosopher in Arms

Project Title: "Philosopher in Arms"
Creator Name: Karen Wehrstein
Link: http://chevenga.com
Category: Fiction
Summary: "Philosopher in Arms" is a lovely, dramatic, well-written serial novel by Karen. She often includes creative and technical input from her readers when it's volunteered and goes out of her way to solicit such reader response for some plot points. It's supported through donations and patron subscriptions.

Nomination: Eclipse Court

Project Title: "Eclipse Court"
Creator Name: Shirley Meier
Link: http://eclipsecourt.blogspot.com/
Category: Fiction
Summary: "Eclipse Court" is an engaging serial novel by Shirley that tells the story of a bratty prince's transformation through much hardship and help into someone truly worthy of an imperial throne. Shirley occassionally solicits suggestions or runs contests to get reader's ideas for details to weave into the plot. It's supported through reader donations.
Project Title: Wonder City Stories
Creator Name: Jude McLaughlin (aka Dreamwidth user wonder_city)
Link: http://wonder-city.dreamwidth.org/
Category: Fiction.
Summary: Wonder City Stories is a superhero soap opera serial. It involves dozens of characters and plotlines, including save-the-world adventures and romantic entanglements and so much more. This project is notable for its terrific diversity (strong women, people of color, queers, handicapped characters, etc.) and for its unflinching treatment of social issues (racism, sexism, domestic tension, politics, etc.).

The project is supported by donations. Perk thresholds are sometimes money, sometimes comments or other participation. There have been polls asking what readers would like to see more of. Sometimes if you donate or boost signal you can ask for a reappearance of a favorite minor character. This project is also unusual in that the author occasionally responds to real-world news by writing a special episode dealing with the same social issue in the story's setting. It usually updates weekly, but the author has done a few months twice-weekly in exchange for comments.

Note: I stole most of the text of this nomination from ysabetwordsmith's nomination of this work last year. Because I am not eloquent enough myself!