Patty Cryan (p_m_cryan) wrote in crowdfunding,
Patty Cryan

The Bookstore That's Bigger On The Inside Needs YOU!

Thank you to Ysabetwordsmith for letting me post this. The notion for me to raise money for my bookstore via crowdfunding started in the comments of this post, back at the end of September of last year.

At that time, we had just come off a four-month period where the most direct road to our store was closed due to bridge construction. While online sales kept the basic bills paid, there was no way for me to do as I had planned... to hire on the volunteer staffers who had helped us become a destination ever since I took the store over in November 2010.

We've had a solid holiday sales season, and are planning book signings and other events well into the future, but due to that catastrophically-timed bridge closure, we have a lot of ground to make up from where I expected we'd be by now.

The link to our fundraiser can be found here.

Half of whatever we raise towards our $20,000.00 goal will go towards a dedicated account for payroll for my staffers. The other half will go into purchasing books for inventory, with our particular concentration in speculative fiction. We already carry many presses' titles on consignment, but I'd love to be able to pay publishers outright for their marvelous books.

EVERY PERSON PLEDGING WILL RECEIVE A THANK YOU GIFT, whether we meet our goal or not. Pledges start at $5.00, with other plateaus at $10.00, $25.00, $50.00, $100.00, $250.00 and $500.00. Thank you gifts are listed under each pledge level, starting with a personalized thank-you note with artwork by graphic novelist Bret M. Herholz.

I appreciate any support you can render, and my volunteers will, too. Let's not lose yet another independent bookstore; let's not lose a venue for authors to have someone discover their works; and let's try to create some jobs on this weakened economy. Your contributions will help us meet all these goals.

Very truly yours,

Patty Cryan


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