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ysabetwordsmith in crowdfunding

2012 Rose & Bay Awards Update

This award recognizes excellence in cyberfunded creativity aka crowdfunding. Visit the 2012 Rose & Bay Award landing page for full details.

The nomination period is open through January 31, so we're halfway through that Here are the nomination posts for all six categories and their current numbers of nominations:

Art: 6
Fiction: 5
Poetry: 2
Webcomic: 2
Other Project: 4
Patron: 4

So far just a handful of nominations have come in. Ideally, I'd like to see the nominations surpass what we got in 2011, which were Art (6), Fiction (18), Poetry (4), Webcomic (11), Other Project (10), and Patron (12). Poetry and Webcomics are the lowest. Try looking for poetry book projects on Kickstarter or other hub sites if you need ideas. Webcomics are really popular and there's a list of archives on the nomination page. As for Patron, there are a lot of creators in this community -- if everyone would nominate at least one of their own patrons for their projects, this category would be thriving.

You can also help by boosting the signal. Post about the award and encourage your audience to come nominate projects.