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ysabetwordsmith in crowdfunding

Poll: Self-Promotion in the Rose & Bay Awards

The 2012 Rose & Bay Awards are now complete.  I've noticed that while activity tends to be low in the nomination phase, it rises sharply in the voting phase as nominees get their audiences involved, some of whom are quite lively.  I'd like to see more activity in the nomination phase, because a lot of promising candidates never even show up.

One way to do this would be to allow creators to nominate and/or vote for their own projects.  A majority of the people active in the Crowdfunding communities seem to be creators, although many of them also support other projects.  I suspect they'd be enthusiastic about nominating their own projects, which would probably solve the low turnout problem in the nomination phase.

The drawback to this is that it would remove pretty much the last point of respectability, as far as awards are considered.  People have more respect for awards that are nominated and judged by a panel of qualified people than those nominated and voted by a wider population.  Most people think their own stuff is awesome; the point to an award is to find out what other  people think is awesome.  What's left is the "popularity contest" ... which really applies to any award, just the size varies. 

The Rose & Bay Awards are primarily about raising awareness at this stage.  They get people thinking about the crowdfunded business model, and encourage folks to explore new projects.  The parameters were designed, not for maximum credibility and accuracy, but to do what we could do with the resources already at hand.  So I'm going to open the issue of self-promotion to a vote, with results applying to the 2013 round.

[EDIT 3-5-12] robling_t suggests allowing creators to post about their project and encourage nominations, rather than nominate directly.  You may also indicate your support for this idea.

Poll #1824291 Rose & Bay Awards Poll on Self-Promotion
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Should people be allowed to nominate their own work for the Rose & Bay Awards?


Should people be allowed to vote for their own work in the Rose & Bay Awards?



Hm, maybe a middle ground might be to have an official "please consider my work for nomination" post on the comm, to raise awareness of what's out there and active/eligible/interested without having to involve the creators directly in the actual nominating? I know that as a creator I was thrilled to have spontaneously been put up for a R&B (and by a new reader, no less), in a way that wouldn't have been quite so, well, cool, if I'd simply put the work up myself...


This seems to be a popular idea.
May I vote for what robling_t has suggested? I think this may widen the field of nominations without sacrificing the award's credibility. At the very least, it would give patrons and creator-patrons a list of eligible projects to enjoy -and possibly support- before the nomination period even begins!

The tricky part, of course, is figuring out when to hold this "open season." I hesitate to suggest December because everyone's busy that month...but I'm not sure what our other options are. Thoughts?
I agree. Excellent suggestion


Putting the post at the beginning of January would let people go straight to the nomination pages, and it would be at a less busy time of year than holiday season.
I have no objection to creators nominating and voting for their own work, but to me it makes sense for there to be more votes than nominations. robling_t's suggestion is a good one...any project that's likely to get more than the creator's vote will probably have at least one fan who would respond to a request for nomination. Each project can only be nominated once, though, so there should still be an increase in activity during the voting period.
I'll have to add my voice to the support of robling_t's idea. It makes more sense to me...

A more general comment

Meeks has a pretty good point, but about getting more nominations...

Maybe having clearer guidelines what can be nominated would help? I didn't nominate projects because I could not tell if anything I knew (that had not been already nominated by other people) was acceptable.

I asked for clarification on webcomics and was told that only a tip jar was not enough, so since I didn't know a webcomic doing something like asking for reader input for plots regularly, I didn't nominate any. Later I saw a nomination had been accepted because there was a merchandise shop, and was pretty confused.

Knowing minimum requirements of "interactivity" would really be helpful.

Re: A more general comment

It's a challenge to find a balance between giving people enough information to make nominations, and keeping the rules short enough that people will actually read them. Several previous remarks have said that the rules were already too long and complicated.

Eligibility depends on a combination two things: some way of making money, and some way of audience interaction. With some projects it's really easy to tell whether they qualify or not. Others are much more difficult, and yes, there have been times when I've hunted around and abandoned a whole bunch of projects because I couldn't really tell.

Re: A more general comment

Maybe it would look like less if there was one post with the full rules, and only summaries and category-specific things on the category pages?

Or maybe instead in addition to the "you may ask" note a link to a list with examples of features what makes a project OK.

What is the minimum requirement to fulfil having "audience interaction"? Would a forum be sufficient? Or comment threads on the content-bits?


Yes that is a good idea, and creators should spread the info about Rose and Bay more on their home sites. I think with the audiences they can pull in there should be several thousand votes not several hundred.

Re: Mmm

I think creators spreading the word and their audiences nominating and voting makes sense.

And I voted to fast - I want to change my vote on the second question to "Yes, creators should be able to vote for their own projects." After I hit submit I was vividly reminded of having to scroll through the list of votes and weed out the people who forgot and voted for themselves. With over 100 votes in fiction it was horrid.