Angela N. Hunt (angela_n_hunt) wrote in crowdfunding,
Angela N. Hunt

Update: Alice Assassin

Well, here we are. The final week. Right now, we’re at 25% with $1697 remaining to hit goal. Will we make it?
I have no clue.
Remember this is all or nothing, this time out. If we don’t make it, the project doesn’t happen.
I certainly believe that we can make it. I believe in the project all the way down to my bones and have, since the day I picked up the camera to do this series. I can see, looking around, that you guys believe in it too, which means more than small words can actually convey.
So here we are, down to the wire. I think I may have to go chew an antacid on this one. But even so, it’s been worth every minute, sharing this with you.
Keep us going! I know we can get Alice in the gallery!

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