"Choosing [Her] Path Between the Stars" (thesilentpoet) wrote in crowdfunding,
"Choosing [Her] Path Between the Stars"

64-squared BONUS MATERIAL!

A few months ago, as part of a Creative Jam, ysabetwordsmith left me a number of prompts, having to do with various non-white characters in my series. Slowly, but surely, I've been working on filling these prompts.

The Price Paid is set BEFORE 64-squared opens, and hopefully sheds some light on one of the core relationships in the series. Revelations, a poem, and also set BEFORE the series, is the story of the first time Miles and Reid were sent on a mission together. Features a magical time-travel device.

Revelations = 64 lines. BUY IT NOW! $32.


The Price Paid is POSTED. You can also find it on Dreamwidth. Summary: Ryan has a mystical chance to banish his migraines forever, but only at high cost to someone else. What will he choose?.

As always, tips are appreciated. Chapter 10 coming soon!

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