"Choosing [Her] Path Between the Stars" (thesilentpoet) wrote in crowdfunding,
"Choosing [Her] Path Between the Stars"

Poetry for the Masses!

Prompt calls for the Poetry for the Masses is now open! This round's theme is "family", whether blood, blended, chosen, or adopted (and whether you chose and/or them or they chose and/or adopted you).

All characters from my main series are fair game.

Poems will be posted December 1-3, 2012. Prompt calls will remain open throughout posting.


At $5, I will write a bonus haiku! (&for every additional $5 thereafter)
At $15, I will post the poem 'Double Exposure', in which Charlie comes out to his parents.
At $25, I will post the poem 'Revelations', in which Miles and Reid are sent to retrieve a time travel device. This poem was prompted by ysabetwordsmith.
At $30, I will post the special bonus story starring Alex's adopted daughter
At $50, well... let's see if we get there, eh?

Let the prompting commence!

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