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LAST DAY for Rose & Bay Nominations!

Today is the LAST DAY to make nominations for the 2013 Rose & Bay Awards for excellence in crowdfunding!

Art:  ysabetwordsmith  Nominate art!  (5 nominees)
Fiction:  ysabetwordsmith  Nominate fiction!  (7 nominees)
Poetry:  kajones_writing  Nominate poetry!  (5 nominees)
Webcomic:  ysabetwordsmith  Nominate webcomics!  (5 nominees)
Other Project:  ysabetwordsmith  Nominate other projects!  (6 nominees)
Patron:  kajones_writing  Nominate patrons!  (4 nominees)

Voting will open on February 1.

As you can see, we still need nominations in all categories, but especially in Patron, which has the fewest.  Please drop by to nominate your favorite crowdfunded patrons or projects from 2012.  Post about the award in any relevant venue to help alert more people.

If everyone would nominate at least one favorite project, and those of you running projects would nominate at least one of your patrons, we'd have a lot more activity here.  Please pitch in.</user></user></user></user></user></user>
Tags: awards, cyberfunded creativity

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