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November 2018



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Mar. 22nd, 2014

Draco ferios


In honor of Spring, a channeled reading session!

This weekend through Monday evening, I am offering a public channeling and Hero's Deck reading session on my LJ, offering answers from Astarte and my oracle cards to the questions you and others may have. One question may be asked without cost, and a donation of $5 or more allows you to ask a second; Hero's Deck readings are freely offered to all. You can also PM me or post anonymously if you'd like a more private reading.

If you're curious what these sessions are like, please look through my posts under the channeling and Hero's Deck tags.

Thank you!

Aug. 20th, 2013

Draco ferios


After-session and some issues with the Hero's Deck

I've finished this weekend's channeling session with Horus and Bast. The follow-up post is now live.

One thing I'd like to talk about here is developing the Hero's Deck.

As many know who read Tarot or other oracle/wisdom cards, a given deck tends to develop or show a kind of personality as it's used and the reader becomes more familiar with the cards. Thus far the Hero's Deck is showing its to me, and I'm seeing some limitations. Basically, I find that the Hero's Deck is very good for simple readings of one or a few cards, but I'm having trouble finding ways to build multi-card readings from it as one would do with the Tarot. Things like past/present/future don't feel right because of how the deck is structured.

Structure of the Hero's Deck: There are 36 cards in 3 groups: Archetypes, Gifts, and Challenges. Unlike Tarot, where there is a storytelling structure in the Major Arcana and detail-fillers in the Minor which are given story progression via artwork, in this case the Hero's Deck is divided in such a way that three equal groups exist. There is no primary story structure already within it; you are expected to make your own with its tools.

While having specific images might help with this issue I'm having, that would also change the character of the deck, which is intended to inspire images that might be very different from the common interpretation. Artwork also doesn't change the structure of the deck, even if it might make the deck more marketable. (This is a worthy consideration: As a side discussion, do you think the deck would be more valuable with art or without it?)

I'm thinking that a whole new way to perform larger-scale readings than single-issue card draws might be needed. Some new insight to structuring one's readings that fits the Hero's Deck instead of being a copy of the way one might use the Tarot.

Would anyone have insight to share?

Nov. 13th, 2012

Sacred Lotus unfolding


Channeling update

I'm sure some of you have noticed I haven't been doing any channeling sessions lately. This is because Theresa has been overwhelmed with assaults since she began working with me more closely, and could not afford to do more than a single session during that time.

So for the time being, she won't be able to give readings through me. I might consider allowing messages from others through, but it's not recommended for me without a specific Guide.

However, I do still have the Hero's Deck, and it does still function. I'll want to do a session soon with it. That will still be free for one question, and a $5 donation will let you ask another question if you want.

On top of that, I would like to offer outright magic: enchanted stones and crystals, for a price. This is not what I wanted to be doing, but it's what I can do, and I do need the money. I've already settled on a price: US$30 each. The price includes materials and shipping, and for the sake of those who would accuse me of selling "air and promises", there will be a 15 day return and refund period from the time a shipment is received.

Limits on this offer are simple: if I'm not comfortable doing it on my own behalf, I won't do it for you. For the moment, that includes "money caller" spells, which are tempting, but which usually cause other people to act against their own wills. If I find one that works, that doesn't harm others, I may change my tune.

My primary expenses are a monthly storage fee, and daily food and living supplies. All transmitted funds do go to me, less Paypal's fees, and go directly to paying for these things.

Nov. 5th, 2012


The 'Never-Ending' Prompt Session

I'm having another prompt session, this one a little different from the others.

(Taken from kajoneswriting.co.uk.) I’m looking for a number of different things. Names; personality traits; disabilities (both visible and invisible); song lyrics; pictures; short prompts (eg. yellow book or midnight lamp); and I may add more things as I think of them. Once I have a number of these I’ll put them into a randomiser, give them all numbers, and use them as a form of self-created bingo challenge. The reason I’m doing this is because I get inspired by lots of different things, I want to write more stories, and I think doing this will make it much more fun.

My plan is to write 500 words for every prompt I receive. For every link posted to this prompt session I’ll write another 500 words for a prompt of the linkers choice and write 500 words for a prompt/previously written story of my choice. If I receive ten prompts I’ll write 1000 words of a prompter’s story and then for every prompt after the tenth I’ll add another 500 words. (End)

Feel free to prompt here if you wish, or at the website, or at kajones_writing on either LJ or DW.

Jul. 27th, 2012

Sacred Lotus unfolding


Free channelling weekend: July 27th - 30th, 2012

Hey, it's a Free channeling weekend!

What it is: I'm a channel for a Spirit Guide named Theresa, who is a Guide of the Holy Divine. You can ask one question of her, and she will answer through my hands. Any question is valid, though snark may receive snark in return. I can also give readings from the Hero's Deck, a wisdom deck focused on various aspects of heroing and heroism.
Who can play: Anyone! Come on by.
When is this happening? Any questions asked from now until noon EST on Monday the 30th will be answered, though I do have to take time here and there to eat and sleep.
Tips? Yes, please! Asking one question of Theresa is free, and you can ask any number of questions of the Hero's Deck. You can tip any amount you like, but if you tip $5 or more, you may ask a second question of Theresa if you desire.
Examples! Here you go!
Prior channeling sessions
Prior Hero's Deck posts

Thanks for reading. I hope to see some of you there!

Jan. 19th, 2012



Prop Request: Huntress

angela_n_hunt is seeking props for upcoming photo shoots about Artemis and Sekhmet.  If you have not seen her fine art photos yet, you should totally go look -- among my favorites is the "Between Heaven & Hell" series.

Dec. 19th, 2011


Prompts Call

From today until the 23rd I'm having a prompts call for winter festival stories. Leave me a prompt and I'll write you 500 words, which will probably be set in one of my many collections. Donate for more words.

Oct. 28th, 2011

Sacred Lotus unfolding


Free channeling weekend: Oct 28th to Nov 2nd

(Crossposted from my journal.)

Name of day: Free channeling weekend (Samhain, Halloween, All Hallows')

Description of service:

In celebration of the several holy days and holidays occurring in the next few days, Teresa and I will be available to provide answers from the wisdom available to her. If you have a question, feel free to ask; one question is free. For more than one, I would ask that you offer a tip of $10 or more.

On top of the channeled answers, some of you may be more comfortable with an interpreted card draw. You may ask for a single draw from the Hero's Deck for free. If you desire more than one drawing, I would ask for an offering of $5 or more.

If you wish to ask a question of both, go ahead. There is no cost for one question each.

Eligibility: Everyone!

Date/time window: Starting now, Friday Oct 28th! I'll be closing this post Tuesday afternoon, Nov 2nd.

Tipping? Yes!

It is free to ask one question of Teresa, it is free to ask one question of the cards, and you can ask each of them for one thing for free. For a $5 donation, you may receive multiple card draws. For a $10 donation, you may ask Teresa multiple questions. Everything helps. If you can't give, that's all right. That's kind of the times in which we live right now.

My intention is to do this once each month, and to always offer something for free as a way of giving to you all in return for the gifts you give me.

Prior channeling sessions
Prior Hero's Deck posts

Thank you all! This post is open. Spread the word!

Disclaimer: I am a psychic, but not everyone is who offers psychic or intuitive services, so believe only what you have tested. The federal government requires me to say that this is for entertainment purposes only, and that I cannot give legal or medical advice because I'm not a licensed lawyer or doctor. I will advise you to double-check any advice you are given concerning your health or legal situation; psychics are best used as assistive consultants, not primary sources, for licensed professional services.

Aug. 15th, 2011

Rare Bird


One Card Draw!

Today is Wren Starling's One Card Draw! I will be doing readings through tonight, to give all time zones a chance. :)
Tipping is greatly appreciated, and there are perks, free Wings readings every $25 (donors only till we pass $75, then everyone) and, for fans of ysabetwordsmith, I'm guaranteed to sponsor one of the Monster House poems from her special Poetry Fishbowl tomorrow if I make at least $50!
Tips in the form of free publicity are awesome, too, and you can have a second card if you advertise someplace other than LJ/DW/FB/Twitter, but no tip is actually required, of course!
If you prefer, you can even make your request on LJ.
I look forward to reading for you!

Sep. 16th, 2010

merchant, jewelry, sca, chainmail, calligraphy


Bead patterns - Elder Futhark


I hope that a post with an image is acceptable.  I'm cutting, just in case.

I make bead patterns for flat Peyote stitch. I use size 'o' thread and Delica beads to actually stitch up the design before posting them. I've just finished the full set of the Elder Futhark and posted the patterns in my LJ gallery.

This type of work is extremely time intensive, so I'm posting the patterns and asking for donations.  I cut because I care.Collapse )

Each rune is a separate 2.5 x 3.5 cm. tile which took me approximately 2 hours to bead.  Since this will be a working set, I went around the edges again in a looping pattern for strength. 

I didn't count how much time the patterns took to plan beforehand, so I'm not sure how long it took me to decide on how to place the four dot 'frame' on each tile.  I always wanted the dots denoting row and placement, however.  

This gallery will be added to as I finish pieces. I will say that Matte Delicas eat #15 needles, at least with these.

Thank You.


I didn't realize that I wasn't the only person who has issues with JL's gallery feature sometimes.  I've uploaded the images to Flickr.  This is a new account, so my donate buttons don't show up there, yet.

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